‘Big Brother’: Kat Rips Off Michie’s Head in Jury House

Big Brother 21 juror Kathryn Dunn is not one of Jackson Michie‘s biggest fans. It could be because he was sleeping with her before the live feeds started. Then, he dumped her and rolled into a showmance with Holly Allen.

Or it could be due to the fact that he tried using her as a pawn on multiple occasions. But whatever the case, Kat doesn’t seem to have forgiven Jackson as she literally ripped his head off in the jury house. Check out what happened today on BB21.

Big Brother: Kathryn Dunn & Jackson Michie’s Pre-Feeds Romance

Before live feeds were up and running, Jackson Michie and Kathryn Dunn engaged in a casual relationship. According to several conversations between Jackson and Jack Matthews, the two were getting pretty busy on a regular basis. Most viewers thought that was TMI. So, they possibly weren’t aware of their audience. Obviously, they didn’t know how Big Brother works.

Yet, maybe it was just like that for Jackson Michie. Because Kathryn Dunn seemed very attached to the Tennessee native. Then, he chose Holly Allen and left Kat out to dry. The majority alliance, led by Michie, left her out and used as a pawn. Those hard feelings had Kat vote to evict Jackson when he wasn’t even on the Big Brother 21 block.

BB21’s Gr8ful Leaves Out Kathryn Dunn

Not only did Jackson Michie drop Kathryn Dunn like a hot tamale for Holly Allen, but he also left her out of the Big Brother power alliance. The Gr8ful alliance consisted of Jackson Michie, Holly, Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, Analyse Talavera, Jack Matthews, Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang. But Jackson seemed to prefer having Kat on the outs so they could use her as a pawn.

So, Kat became one of the many floaters of BB21. The other side of the house came together too late to save their game. Eventually, Kathryn joined Cliff’s Angels, along with Cliff Hogg, Jessica Milagros, and Nicole Anthony. But it appeared to be for nothing. The house evicted Kat under Tommy’s HoH. All but Jess voted to evict her, including Jackson Michie – although he appeared a shade remorseful about packing out his prior Big Brother showmance pal.

Big Brother 21 Spoiler: Kat Rips Off Jackson’s Head

We’ve been getting little glimpses into the BB21 jury house and last week we may have gotten an idea of who Kathryn Dunn will cast her vote for in the final 2. The clue came from a picture posted to Jessica’s Instagram showing all of the current jurors (but not Tommy Bracco). In the photo, Kathryn holds a stick with Jackson’s cutout on it.

But the kicker was she rips Jackson Michie’s head right off of his body. The other Big Brother 21 evictees happily wave the little paper avatars around. Kat viciously decapitated the one she held – and it happened to be Jackson Michie. That’s a strong sign she’s not mellowed in jury and still holds a grudge.

Should Jackson Michie land in the final 2 – it’s likely he shouldn’t look to count Kathryn Dunn’s vote for him to win a half-million. If he’s sitting beside the chick he dumped her for, though, Kat’s got a tough choice… Tune in to BB21 tomorrow night at 9 pm to see who’s evicted next.

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