‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Caught Cheating On Live Feeds But Isn’t Punished?

Big Brother 21 houseguest Jackson Michie has been caught cheating by BB fans that watch the live feeds.

It seems that Jackson Michie keeps breaking a huge Have-Not rule several times this week. He has been sneaking food into the bathroom stall and even the shower! This type of rule breaking is usually accompanied by a penalty or punishment of some sort. Yet, production has seemingly continued allowing this behavior. Will Jackson face repercussions for his blatant disregard for the rules? Big Brother airs tonight on CBS!

Big Brother: Jackson Michie Cheats and Breaks Have-Not Rules

Jackson Michie is the biggest snacker in the Big Brother house by far this season. So, it was gonna be tough for him to survive off of slop for an entire week. As it turns out, he apparently doesn’t have to. Jackson has been sneaking food from the kitchen into the bathroom stall where there are no cameras, only microphones.

If you watch Michie on the live feeds in the kitchen, you can see him sneak something into his pockets and leave the room. His new strategy is “taking a shower” where Michie brings it into the shower stall and eats there. He ducks down and comes up talking to someone with his mouth full and chewing. Which is a major no-no for Have-Nots.

Other Houseguests Catch On – Production Is Definitely Aware

It appears that Jackson Michie is not as clever as he thinks. Not only are Big Brother followers aware of his behavior, but most of the other houseguests know, too. In a conversation between Cliff Hogg, Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn, Cliff brought it to their attention that he brings cookies and other things into the bathroom.

Kathryn doesn’t seem to mind, in fact, she commends Jackson for being able to pull if off without being caught. But Holly looks surprised and leaves the room shortly after the news. From houseguests talking about it, there’s no chance that Big Brother production isn’t aware of him cheating. Which should result in a punishment or penalty of some kind.

Big Brother Fans Want Penalty For Jackson Michie

Production has yet to reprimand Jackson Michie for his behavior. So, fans are pushing for a punishment. If he hadn’t won the veto and taken himself off of the block, he would receive a automatic penalty vote against him. But now they are demanding a different type of punishments. And suggestions include making him be a have-not for another week or a third nominee if he keeps it up.

Yet, others just want production to include it in the next episode airing tonight. To see if CBS includes Jackson’s rule breaking, tune into Big Brother tonight!

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