‘Big Brother’: Was Jackson Michie Arrested? Did CBS Ignore His Criminal Record?

Big Bronother Big Brother 21‘s Jackson Michie might have an arrest record that includes domestic violence. Unconfirmed information for an arrest record for a Jackson Michie surfaced from a site that collects arrest records. While Jackson Michie’s name and date of birth are listed on the record, the site the info came from is not the most reliable source.

Soap Dirt pulled criminal records for all the Big Brother HGs before the season aired. The only thing in Jackson Michie’s “criminal” past was a speeding ticket. While he was doing 25 miles-per-hour over the speed limit. It was hardly big news.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie - Criminal Record


Big Brother: Jackson Michie’s Arrest Record?

Now that un-confirmed records are getting shared on twitter for Jackson Michie started going around on Twitter. Big Brother fans were quick to spread the tweets. This could be the latest scandal to hit this season of the long-running CBS reality show. The records indicate no court numbers or any other identifying information.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie - Arrest Record


The fact that Jackson is not on any reliable criminal records databases show that the case or charges were quickly dropped or dismissed (and later expunged), or that the database in question mixed up names and records, which is common for low level background web search services. Whethere it’s valid information or not, Big Brother fans are sharing it.

Whatever the case, this comes after some Big Brother viewers accused CBS of racist casting decisions. Former player Audrey Middleton accused them of exploiting minorities for television purposes.

It appears that Jackson has a criminal record that isn’t just a DUI and a slap on the wrist. This alleged arrest record is for domestic violence which is concerning. Especially because of the high-stress environment the Big Brother game is played in. Putting someone with violent tendencies in a house with 15 other people would be a dangerous move.

Big Brother: Is This Jackson’s Real Arrest Report Or Fan Fake

There’s another rumor circulating around Twitter. Some think that the screen shots Big Brother‘s Jackson Michie’s records could be fakes made by a fan. However the background service the screen captures are from a real site. Soap Dirt has verified that the information contained on the screen caps is the same as what the site is reporting.

Have Other BB21 Players Been To Jail?

Jack Matthews does have a minor arrest record. Soap Dirt found a DUI arrest record that matched Jack Matthews and decided not to report it. However, fans soon found his mugshot shared it online.

The Big Brother house was also discussing the possibility that discussed David Alexander may have been in prison. Then Jack said, “Davis’s teeth are too nice to be incarcerated.”

There is no indication that David Alexander has any criminal past. Not even a speeding ticket showed up in David’s criminal background check.

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