‘Big Brother 21’: Jackson Michie and Jack Drop the ‘N-Word’ About David?

Big Brother 21‘s Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews have both been receiving backlash for some of their actions inside the house. But they might have just crossed a major line by dropping the N-word in a conversation about David Alexander. A line that they might never be able to come back from. While both of them appear to say it, the live feeds video quality makes it hard to decipher who is talking at what time

Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie & Jack Matthews Drop The N-Word

It’s obvious from watching the live feeds that many inside the Big Brother house don’t like David Alexander. Yet, two houseguests have just taken things too far and used a derogatory term while talking about him. Jack Matthews and fellow Gr8ful 8 alliance member Jackson Michie were in the kitchen drawing out plans to annoy David when Michie and Jack appear to drop the N-word.

In a conversation about piling up the dishes in order to upset David,  Jack and Michie can be heard in what appears to one of them casually throwing out the word. “He’s a n*****”  is what seems to be Jackson Michie’s defense for playing mind games with the Atlanta photographer. His racist comment sent Big Brother fans into a frenzy.

Jack Matthews might have also used the word also, but the two had their backs to the cameras, so it’s not clear which one said the next line. Either he or Michie said what sounds like, “I’m gonna f*** with n****** bro”.

Other Former Big Brother Players Have Made Racist Comments

This isn’t the first time in the show’s long history that houseguests have made derogatory comments about other ones. In fact, Big Brother 15 was the most memorable for three of its cast getting unknowingly fired from their jobs for some of the things they said.

Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Spencer Clawson were the perpetrators of some racist and homophobic statements. Which the reality show decided to air for its viewers to see. Yet, they have been giving Jack and Jackson Jackson Michie a very positive edit so far.

Production Gives Jackson Michie A Talking To

Jack Matthews has already received a warning from the Diary Room for his words about Kemi Faknule. But Jackson Michie was called into the DR yesterday after this went down but seemingly for something else he said. In the HoH room he and Kathryn Dunn were bashing David Alexander again, this time for reading a book!

Kathryn called David a snake. “Go back to Mexico,” Jackson said, which is probably a reference to sequester. Other Big Brother houseguests have been referring to the DR as vacation. He apparently wants to, “mule kick him [David] in the teeth.” After the DR gave him a warning, he appeared very shaken up and said he was afraid of what was going on in the outside world.

Big Brother 21: Will Show Air Jackson Jackson Michie and Jack’s Comments?

Both Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie have been getting pretty decent edit. Big Brother is playing up the whole Aquaman thing for Jack and giving Jackson Michie a very charming edit, probably because of his southern roots and looks. Which means they might not air the negative side of these men in order to preserve their good looks. Big Brother returns this Sunday for HoH Jack’s nominations and more drama.

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