‘Big Brother’: Jack Matthews Gets Nasty with Kemi Faknule in BB21 House

Big Brother 21 star Jack Matthews is not a fan of his fellow houseguest Kemi Faknule. His dislike for the player might have began before the live feeds started because he has been after her ever since. While the reasoning for his distaste is unknown, some fans think it’s a little uncalled for and obsessive. He got angry when talking about her with some of his alliance last night and quoted a former Big Brother houseguest, Sam Bledsoe.

Big Brother: Jack Matthews Doesn’t Like Kemi Faknule

Big Brother live feed watchers have seen Both Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie have been gunning for Kemi Faknule all week. But while Jackson claims his is mostly game-motivated, fans on social media think Jack has formed an obsession with his aversion to her. So much so that he has made several aggressive statements behind her back. Kemi Faknule seems to know she’s his target, but not the severity.

Earlier this week, on the live video feeds, Jack tried bullying HoH Christie Murphy into putting Kemi up when Sam Smith used his veto on Cliff Hogg III. But Christie had no ill will towards Kemi and decided to nominate Ovi Kabir instead. Now, Jack Matthews is stuck with Kemi Faknule in the Big Brother house for at least another week and his anger only seems to be growing.

Jack Matthews Quotes BB20’s Sam Bledsoe

While Jack Matthews has been saying things about Kemi Faknule all week, he’s now made another scary comment. This time he was in the HoH room with other Big Brother 21 houseguests. Jack couldn’t help throwing Kemi’s name into the conversation.

“I don’t wanna deal with looking at Kemi anymore,” he told Christie Murphy. “Kemi makes me want to stomp an f***ing mud hole though her chest.” Everyone just laughed off his aggressive statement because it was a direct quote from Sam Bledsoe from BB20 who said the same thing last year.

Big Brother: Fans Think Hatred Stems From Rejection

There’s been no explanation for Jack Matthews’ negative feelings for Kemi Faknule. So, naturally BB feed watchers have made several speculations about in. One of which has to do with Kemi rejecting him before live feeds began. They think this would be a major blow to Jack’s ego. Most of the other Big Brother girl’s are either scared of him or eating out of his hand. It will be interesting to see who wins this next Head of Household and how the following week plays out. Things could heat up very fast in the Big Brother game.

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