‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Christie Wimps Out On Big Game Move – Nominates Ovi Instead

Big Brother spoilers reveal Christie Murphy wimped out of a huge backdoor plan at the veto ceremony. She ended up nominating Ovi Kabir even though she discussed getting rid of Jack Mathews with several of the girls. It wasn’t a huge surprise because Christie Murphy kept changing her mind faster than Usain Bolt runs a hundred meter dash. But, is Ovi Kabir going home or will Kathryn Dunn self-destruct her own game?

Big Brother Spoilers: Christie Murphy Talks Backdoor Plans

Originally, Christie Murphy was supposed to nominate Kemi Faknule in an effort to backdoor her. But it wasn’t what the New Yorker wanted for her own Big Brother game. It was actually what Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews wanted her to do. Yet, Christie didn’t see Kemi as a big threat like the guys apparently do. Both of them seem to hate her for no reason at all.

Then, the men got demanding and aggressive about their plan that Christie Murphy considered backdooring Jack instead. On Big Brother live feeds, she even talked about it with Analyse and Jessica, then again with Sam and even with Nick. She said she wished she had the votes to get him out. Yet, she eventually decided that Ovi would be the one to go up when Sam used the veto on Cliff.

Sam Smith Uses Veto – Christie Murphy Renoms Ovi Kabir

This morning, the first Big Brother 21 veto ceremony took place and Sam Smith did exactly what he said he would. He used the Power of Veto on Cliff Hogg III which he promised the Texas engineer that he’d do after winning it.

Which meant Christie Murphy was finally forced to make a decision on who to pick as a replacement nominee. Something that she had been struggling with her entire Big Brother Head of Household reign. Although there had been a lot of talk about backdooring Kemi or Jack, Christie decided to go the safe route and nominate Ovi.

Big Brother Spoilers: Will Kathryn Dunn Ruin Her Game?

Kathryn Dunn has not performed well under the pressure of being on the Big Brother  chopping block. The former beauty queen has been a hurricane of emotions that mostly includes crying and wanting to go home. She actually told some other houseguests that she asked to go home, but they wouldn’t let her. Will she self-destruct and self-evict before eviction night? Or will the others get tired of her and send her home instead of Ovi Kabir.

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