‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Christie Murphy Makes Her Nominations – Plan to Backdoor Kemi Faknule Is in Place?

Big Brother spoilers reveal HoH Christie Murphy‘s two nominations and a possible plan to backdoor Kemi Faknule. In an effort not to get blood on her hands week one, Christie put Cliff Hogg III and Kathryn Dunn on the block. Which is what her alliance wanted. But now Jackson Michie appears to be setting his sights on Kemi. And fans are not happy about it.

Big Brother Spoilers: Cliff Hogg and Kathryn Dunn Hit the Block

It appears that the Big Brother live feed audio leak from earlier this week was Christie Murphy, the HoH, discussing her nominees. Christie didn’t want to target Cliff Hogg, so he appears to be her pawn. While Kathryn seems to be the Staten Island natives main target.

Everyone must know Christie Murphy’s real target, because Cliff is still hanging out around the rest of the Big Brother 21 cast. While Kathryn didn’t participate in some group activity that the house was doing last night to pass the time.

Jackson Michie Talks Targeting Kemi Faknule

Kathryn brought her worries of being sent home to Jackson Michie during the live feeds last night. Kathryn expressed her worry over being the target but Jackson assured her that she was ok and his true target is Kemi Faknule. He appears to be planning on performing the Big Brother special by backdooring her but isn’t the actual one in charge anymore.

Christie Murphy, the Head of Household, agreed to using Kemi as a re-nom if necessary but doesn’t seem aware that Jackson is really after her. Neither does Kemi who appears to believe that she is safe and not on anyone’s radar. Christie, Kathryn, Cliff, Jack, Sam, and Nicole were picked to play in the Big Brother  veto while Tommy Bracco will host.

Big Brother Spoilers: Some Alliances Are Solidifying – Others Not So Much

So far some Big Brother alliances are getting stronger while many floaters scramble for their life vests. The biggest alliance includes Jackson, Jack, Nick, Christie, Holly and Isabella. Who are in charge right now with Christie Murphy seated on the HoH thrown. They seem to be running the house, for now.

Christie Murphy also has a Final 2 deal with Tommy Bracco who she knew before the show from dating his aunt. Then, Jessica and Kathryn also seem to have an alliance forming. But a lot of the houseguests are still figuring each other out and haven’t built anything solid yet.

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