‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Leak Reveals First Two HoH Winners

Big Brother spoilers come from a live feed audio leak that revealed possibly the first two HoH winners of the summer! It appears that Jackson Michie won the Head of Household comp and Christie Murphy was crowned the second HoH.

The leak didn’t reveal who was eliminated during Jackson Michie’s HoH reign.

Christie talked game with several other players including Nicole Anthony. But has she made her nominations for eviction yet? And it seems there may be an HoH twist.

Big Brother Spoilers: Christie Murphy Wins HoH

If you watched the new Big Brother houseguest interviews, you have a pretty solid idea of what each of the players sound like. So, identifying who’s who from just the live feed audio leak is child’s play for BB superfans. Which is exactly what happened yesterday when the first live feed audio leak happened. Then they revealed the current HoH.

If you want to hear it for yourself, it happened around 9:38 am PT. Otherwise, it lasted for about 30 minutes and included some pretty important information. Including the fact that Christie Murphy won a Big Brother HoH competition. She was heard talking in the HoH room to both Nicole Anthony and then Ovi Kabir.

Did Jackson Michie Win Before Her?

From listening to Christie Murphy talk to both Nicole and Ovi it’s clear that Jackson Michie was HoH before her. She mentioned him and several other Big Brother houseguests “volunteering” for the position and making a pact not to go after each other. Yet, according to Christie, “Michie” went and did that anyway. So he apparently reached his goal of becoming the first HoH.

The Big Brother audio leak lacked info on who (if anyone) was evicted. The feed chatter covered several people. All those mentioned, aside from Analyse Talavera and Kemi Faknule, are confirmed still in the BB21 house.

Big Brother Spoilers: Christie At Least Won’t Be Targeting Cliff Hogg III

While there wasn’t any mention of who Christie Murphy may or may not have nominated, at least we know Cliff Hogg III probably won’t be one of them. Christie mentioned that she didn’t want Cliff to be the “first guy to go home.” Which is something that happens frequently to the oldest houseguest on Big Brother.

She also discussed possible targets that included Jackson Michie and Kathryn Dunn. Christie was adamant about nominating both a male and female. Watch the premiere this Tuesday at 8 to see what happens.

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