‘Big Brother’ Cast: Will Emotional Christie Murphy Be The Next Michelle Meyer?

Big Brother revealed their cast list and one of the new houseguests seems eerily familiar to a previous one. Christie Murphy was in tears for the beginning of her pre-interview which gives off some serious Michelle Meyer vibes. In fact, Michelle was known for bursting into tears at any given moment and providing some hilarious memes. Could Christie be another emotional ticking time bomb?

Big Brother: New York Boutique Owner Christie Murphy

28-year-old Christie Murphy is one of the 16 new houseguests that will be gracing your TV screens on June 25. The Staten Island native owns her owns her own boutique called Mystic Earth. In her interview she described it as somewhere one can get rid of their negative energy before buying some clothing. Anyone getting a hint of Kaitlyn Herman, the life coach from last season of Big Brother?

Christie explained that she was an emotional person and would carry that vulnerability into the game. Which could be a make or break decision in her game. Another thing she plans on doing is using her sexual orientation as an out and proud lesbian to charm and manipulate. She is also a fan of the show and told Jeff Schroeder how much she loved him and Jordan Lloyd in their seasons.

Christie Murphy Could Be The Next Michelle Meyer

No one has perfected the ugly cry on Big Brother quite as well as Michelle Meyer from season 18. She was constantly in wailing for a number of reasons from getting yelled at to spilled milk (probably). Which is why Christie Murphy might come across as familiar.

Considering she cried during her pre-show interview, it’s safe to say she might be coming for Michelle’s record in times cried inside the house. Someone might want to request some tissues from production. At least the floaters will be able to survive her river of tears.

Big Brother: Will The Others Get Sick of ‘Gratitude Circles?’

Christie Murphy is a little but of a hippie with her free-spirited boutique and love everyone attitude. But will the rest of the Big Brother 21 houseguests be fine with daily gratitude circles? We hope so because Christie plans on having one everyday and there is not a lot of room to escape it on the inside. As long as she doesn’t whip out the sage like Kaitlyn Herman wanted to do everything might be fine.

Big Brother premieres on Tuesday, June 25 on CBS at 8/7c

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