‘Big Brother’: Jack Nominates Two Of Few Minorities Left In BB21 – Kemi and Jessica

Big Brother info from the live feeds says current HoH Jack Matthews‘ nominations are locked in. He decided on Kemi Faknule and Jessica Milagros which isn’t a surprise. Jack constantly talks about how much he hates Kemi while Jessica isn’t aligned with him whatsoever. He’s seemingly only targeting the minorities inside of the house. Will he be able to evict his number one target in the house or could Kemi win the PoV? And what will be the fallout after the BB21 game for his tactics? For sure, the optics aren’t good.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jack Matthews Hates Kemi Faknule

Live feed watchers see the distaste Jack Matthews harbors for Kemi Faknule. His reasoning behind his dislike is a little fuzzy but it appears that he thinks she talks badly about them all in the DR. Which is probably true. Other than that she hasn’t really done anything that should have upset him so much during the BB21 game. Watchers of only aired episodes won’t know his extremism.

Whatever the reason, Jack was finally able to act on his feelings and nominated Kemi for eviction. With most of the house onboard the anti-Kemi train she or someone aligned with her will have to win the veto. Then, Jack said he’d put Kathryn Dun in her place. Otherwise, Big Brother Camp Comeback might be her fate. And she’d be there with two other minorities – Ovi Kabir and David Alexander.

Jessica Milagros Supposedly A Pawn

According to Jack Matthews, Jessica Milagros is just a pawn in his Big Brother mission to get rid of Kemi Faknule. At least, that’s what he’s telling her to her face. What she doesn’t know is that she’s a backup plan in case Kemi secures the Power of Veto and gets off the block. Mostly because of her idea of creating an all-girls alliance.

In which case, Jessica will quickly change from a BB21 pawn to the target and her game could be in jeopardy. Being a pawn is never a sure thing in the Big Brother house and it can be the end of someone’s run on the show. Plus, he’s been smack talking her behind her back all across the live feeds. Jack’s got lots of unpleasant things to say about her and Kemi both.

Big Brother Spoilers: Why Is Jack Targeting The Minorities?

Jack Matthews and his BB21 ride-or-die Jackson Michie have both made some disturbing remarks about the minorities even apparently dropping the n-word on recent feeds. Jack has said he wants to “mule kick” David and hates him. While Jackson Michie said, “I want to stomp a mud hole in her chest,” about Kemi Faknule. It’s a big question whether any of this will make it to air in the regular episodes. But CBS All Access live feeds watchers have seen their highly charged comments. Things got so heated, production called Jack into the DR for a talking to…

Also, Jessica Milagros wasn’t safe from their comments. Jack informed Big Brother 21 houseguests that he flirted with her to make her feel better about herself. The two men seem intent on taking out people of color. It could be just coincidence that the minorities are the ones in the BB21 house that rubbed them the wrong way, but it sure doesn’t look good. In Camp Comeback right now are Ovi and David and another minority houseguest seems destined to join them. Will this pattern continue?

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