‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Jessica Milagros Gets Revenge on Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie

Big Brother spoilers reveal Jessica Milagros won HoH and now POV. Is she finally getting sweet revenge on Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie? Her payback started in the form of both men sitting on the chopping block in danger of being evicted. With the aftermath of the Six Shooters drama still lingering in the house, the votes seem split. Now, Jessica has won the PoV which gives her all the power this week. Will Jessica Milagros bet the one to get out one of the biggest threats in the house?

Big Brother Spoilers: Both Jack Matthews & Jackson Michie Have Wronged Jessica Milagros

Jessica Milagros’ game has been in danger due to moves from both Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews. Jackson picked her as one of the four people fighting for a spot in the house night one. It almost resulted in her becoming the first member of Big Brother‘s Camp Comeback. It was something she said stuck with her since that night and would remember it when she won HoH. Now that she has all the power, it’s time she repay the favor.

On the other hand, Jack put Jessica Milagros on the block in a more-straightforward move. Her and Kemi Faknule hit the block, with the latter being the target. But Jack’s getting a taste of his own medicine now that his side of the Big Brother house is broken.

Jessica Gets Her Sweet Revenge?

Obviously, Jessica Milagros is putting her money where her mouth is this week on Big Brother. She nominated Jack Matthews and and his former alliance member Jackson Michie. It seems this week the other side of the house, dubbed “Cliff’s Angels” will be running the show.

Cliff’s Angels includes Cliff Hogg, Nicole Anthony, Kathryn Dunn and, of course, HoH Jessica. She’s using this time in charge to eliminate a huge threat, whether it be Jackson or Jack. Although, with the drama involving Jackson still fresh, he could be the one to go. Yet, Jessica’s alliance and probably Holly Allen are setting their sights on Jack Matthews. Could there be a tie on Big Brother eviction night?

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH Jessica Win Power of Veto

The PoV competition this week appears to have had an alien theme. When feeds returned after three hours, the houseguests were wearing shirts that read “Area 21 Galaxy Camp” an obvious reference to the highly classified Area 51 in Nevada. It was a reward/punishment competition with Nick Maccarone winning $5,000 and Kat getting a trip to Hawaii. Tommy Bracco is spending a week as a Big Brother explorer, Jackson Michie has a 24 hour alien doctor and Jack Matthews with a 24 hour angry alien.

Jessica Milagros won the coveted golden power of veto and will most likely keep her nominations the same.

Although Christie Murphy has a Diamond Power of Veto upgrade power, it’s basically worthless this week. Christie’s power allows her to give the PoV winner the right to name their own replacement houseguest. But, since Jessica is both HoH and PoV, she already has that power.

Watch Big Brother on CBS this week to see how it all plays out and who gets sent packing.

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