‘Big Brother’: Is Kathryn Dunn A Secret Genius?

Big Brother player Kathryn Dunn may to be much smarter than she’s letting on. BB21 Fans are divided on whether the blonde is playing dumb or may be a few bricks shy of a load.

Kathryn Dunn has made more than a few stupid remarks in the Big Brother house, but the pageant queen actually graduated with a Bachelor Degree from Baylor University. Which is a very prestigious college with a low acceptance rate.

Besides getting into a elite school, Kat has also shown to be very in tune with Big Brother game. But is she hiding her smarts beneath her oblivious and goofy facade?

Big Brother: Kathryn Dunn Graduated From Baylor

One of several reasons BB followers give as reasons Kathryn Dunn is a hidden genius is her alma mater. The Big Brother houseguest graduated from the private Baylor University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications. So, she definitely knows how to talk to people with a Communications degree.

Plus, Baylor is a good school with only a thirty-nine percent acceptance rate. Meaning that they only let people who meet very high standards into their programs. Does this mean there’s more to Kat’s seemingly dumb blonde act?

Kat’s Diary Room Sessions Reveal More Than Meets the Eye

While Kathryn Dunn is bubbly and goes with the flow around the other houseguests, her diary room confessions tell a little more about her perspective. For example, in the latest episode where Tommy says he wouldn’t nominate her, she sees right through his BS. In the DR, Kat tells Big Brother fans that she can tell when Tommy is lying.

In fact, her suspicions were proven at the end of the episode when her face stared back at her at the nomination ceremony. But it wasn’t like she had no idea it was coming. So, maybe she does know when, “bitches are conspiring against me.”

Big Brother Update: Kathryn Dunn Has Done Well in Competitions

So far halfway through the game Kathryn only has one PoV win and a trip to Hawaii. Yet, she’s come close to winning several other times, including an HoH or two. She explained to her alliance member Nicole Anthony that she could, “win if she wants,” but doesn’t want to reveal how smart she is or make herself a threat. To see if Kat can think her way off of the block watch Big Brother this Wednesday at 9 on CBS.

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