‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tommy Wins PoV – Saves Final 2 Partner Christie Murphy from Block?

Big Brother spoilers show HoH Tommy Bracco also won the PoV and will use it on Christie Murphy. The two have known each other for around ten years and decided to work together inside the house. Their plans took a hit when Christie lost the America’s Field Trip twist, making her an automatic third nominee. But, luckily Tommy won the power of veto and plans to use it to take her down from the block.

Big Brother Spoilers: Tommy Bracco & Christie Murphy Go Way Back

Usually, the Big Brother house is filled with complete strangers each summer. Yet, this year several of the houseguests have met or known about each other prior to entering the house.

Although, no one knows one another as well as Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco. Christie used to date Tommy’s aunt, who is much older than her, but they eventually broke up. It was surprise for both of them to meet again in the BB house. Tommy was afraid to work with Christie at first because there is still bad blood between his aunt and Christie Murphy.

Christie Becomes Third Eviction Nominee

Having been one of the three chosen for America’s Field Trip, Christie Murphy got the short end of the stick. She ended up coming in last place out of the trio picked and got an automatic nomination for eviction.

Jackson won safety after coming in first place while Analyse, who came in second, got a punishment. She has to wear a chicken costume all week and make eggs whenever Big Brother tells her to.

Paranoia Gets To Christie – Makes Her A Target

Christie Murphy was paranoid when Nick eating brussel sprouts made her think she was going on the block. So, obviously actually being nominated has her bugging out big time. She even thinks America hates her, which isn’t a stretch since many fans have voiced dislike for her.

When she started panicking about potentially going home, some of the other Big Brother houseguests seriously considered targeting her this week. In fact, she might have been the one to go, if Tommy didn’t win the veto.

Big Brother Spoilers: Head of Household Tommy Bracco Also Wins PoV

Being HoH and winning the PoV, Tommy Bracco has most, if not all, of the power this week. He was helpless as Christie went up as a nominee and the veto was the only thing between her and an exit interview with Julie Chen. But Tommy definitely plans on using the it on her, and so Christie will probably live to see another week in the game.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 on CBS.

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