‘Big Brother’: Drunk Bella Wang Fights With Nick Maccarone on Live Stream – Bashes Kathryn Dunn

Big Brother news has Isabella Wang (Bella) squabbling with former flame Nick Maccarone via live stream. Bella was talking a little smack about Nick, then allowed him to join the Instagram live. Where she continued to fight with him. Not only that, but Isabella said she was a little intoxicated. Oh, and did we mention the part where she slammed Nick’s current bae and fellow  BB21 castmate Kathryn Dunn?

Big Brother: Bella Wang Live Streams With Nick Maccarone

What started off as just Bella Wang ranting on her own about Nick Maccarone, turned into her saying it straight to his face. Once he joined the chat, Bella proceeded to rip Nick to shreds, opening old wounds from their time on Big Brother. By the way, Bella had a little bit of help loosening up. “I’m a little drunk,” she told viewers as she wiped tears from her eyes.

So, it seems that Nick and Bella haven’t put as much behind them as Nick claims they have. He kept saying that he and Bella Wang, “are friends now.” But, Bella was adamant about burning her journal that she wrote about him in. Nick Maccarone defended himself by stating “I’ve never said a bad thing about you [Bella]!” Yet, Bella wasn’t hearing it. Her response was, “just because you say you don’t say bad things doesn’t mean you weren’t a shitty person!” One Big Brother fan shared a clip of the event.

Big Brother: Isabella Wang Wants Nothing to do with Kathryn Dunn

It seems as though there’s no love lost between Kathryn Dunn and Isabella Wang. At one point in the live stream, Kat came up in the conversation. Bella answered that she would rather, “kill myself than talk to her.” Some might reason that she was saying these things because of the alcohol, but you know what they say, drunk words are sober thoughts.

To be fair, Kat did get very close to Nick Maccarone in the Big Brother jury house when she knew that Bella Wang though they were still dating. While Bella got into a relationship with the New Jersey native with a supposed boyfriend back home. Plus, Nick made Bella think that he was going to be with her after Big Brother ended. There’s plenty of blame to go around in this situation.

Kat & Nick Dating Despite Claims?

Recently, Kathryn Dunn claimed she and Nick were just friends in the jury house and out. Yet, she posted a picture of her and Nick Maccarone at the Cowboys game last night in Dallas. They appeared to be pretty cozy and Kat’s caption was a little cryptic. “Sure his Eagles lost, but is @nick.maccarone still winning? Maybe.” So, are they dating or is Kat just “conspiring against us bitches?”

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