‘Big Brother’: Nick and Bella Hang Out In Venice Beach – Are They Back Together?

Big Brother 21‘s Nick Maccarone and Bella (Isabella Wang) were hanging out together in Venice Beach yesterday. Isabella and Nick were supposedly on rough terms after Nick technically cheated on Bella with Kathryn Dunn. But now they appear to have at least patched things up. According to Bella’s Instagram stories, the two, along with Sam Smith and Faysal Shafaat were exploring the neighborhood. Yet, what we really want to know is if they’re just friends or giving romance another shot?

Big Brother: Nick Maccarone Cheats on Bella Wang With Kat

Nick Maccarone promised Bella Wang they would give things a shot before her eviction from the Big Brother house. So Isabella left with high hopes, and Nick was quick to let her down. First, it was getting a little bit too close to Analyse Talavera. Then, after he was sent to the jury house, it was his budding romance with Kathryn Dunn.

It’s unclear whether he knew she would see the footage of them up getting a little frisky, but cheating is cheating no matter the intent behind it. Bella Wang confronted Nick Maccarone on Big Brother finale night, and he apologized for her finding out the way she did. But didn’t seem all the sorry for actually doing it and it looked like they would go their separate ways. Especially after her backyard interview with Ika Wong, where she said she, “regretted getting into a showmance with Nick.”

Isabella Wang & Nick Chill in Venice Beach

With everything that went down on Wednesday night, it was shocking to see Nick Maccarone in Bella Wang’s Instagram story the very next day. The ex Big Brother showmance were wandering around Venice Beach and appeared to be having a great time. There didn’t seem to be any hard feelings. Sam Smith and Fessy Shafaat were also with them.

One Big Brother fan was lucky enough to run into them and get a picture, proving that Nick and Bella were in the same place. When asked if he could tell whether or not the two were back together, he said, “nothing confirmed. They could just be friends!”

Big Brother: Is the BB21 Showmance Back Together or Putting Up With Each Other?

While it’s quite possible that Bella and former flame Nick are just trying to be friends, their chemistry in the house was undeniable. It would be hard to make the transition back to friends right away, especially after the whole Nick Maccarone and Kat cheating thing. But it’s also likely that the two were just putting up with each other for Sam Smith’s sake. Sam was the third member of their trio and probably doesn’t want to pick sides. But whatever the case, these guys look like they’re enjoying their post Big Brother lives.

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