‘Big Brother 21’: Nick Cuddling In Bed With Analyse Angers Bella – Is She A Hypocrite?

Big Brother showmance Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang are having a fight. But half of the couple doesn’t even know it. Nick has been spending a little too much time cuddling with Analyse Talavera. Well, Bella’s noticed and she is not happy about it, it seems.

In fact, she took to Twitter to express her disappointment in Nick’s actions. Yet, Bella herself admitted that she had a guy back home that was more than a friend. Yet she was getting with Nick in the Big Brother house. Is this the end for the BB21 couple?

Big Brother: Nick Maccarone and Showmance Isabella Wang Make It Official

Before Isabella Wang’s untimely eviction, Nick Maccarone asked her to be his girlfriend. She said “yes” and the two decided to continue their relationship outside of the Big Brother 21 house. Which hasn’t always worked for some of the show’s most-loved couples.

Nick and Bella were inseparable from pretty much the first week. But this isn’t the first time Analyse Talavera caused drama between the two. Bella was jealous when Nick was getting a little too close to Sys. She thought he spent way too much time with the other woman. So, is he moving on now that she’s no longer in the game?

Nick Cuddles Real Close With Analyse – Bella’s Not Happy

It appears that Nick Maccarone is very lonely this week in the Big Brother game. He has been making way more than his daily average of sexual jokes, especially towards HoH Tommy Bracco. Yet, he seemingly has his sights set on Analyse Talavera. Maybe he’s hoping to rekindle what they had in the beginning of the season.

During all of this cuddling, Bella has not remained silent. Not that anyone expects her too. She did have a tendency of blabbing in the house, after all, as the two wreaked havoc. So, Bella took to Twitter to express her feelings on the matter and they weren’t good.

While admitting she knows being in the BB house forces closeness, she said she won’t let him put her second. So, she said Nick’s lost her support. Now, it looks like Nick and Bella are over and Nick doesn’t even know it.

Bella Had a Guy Before BB21 Began

Isabella Wang admitted to Nick Maccarone that she had been living with a guy before coming on Big Brother 21. She hinted that she and her “roommate” were a little bit more than friends. Even saying that she “wasn’t sure” if she’d have a place to live after she got out.

Doesn’t that kind of makes her a hypocrite if you think about it? All Nick has done with Analyse so far has been cuddling seen in the live feeds. On the other hand, Bella was supposedly in some kind of relationship with her ‘friend’ before leaving for Big Brother. Is she really in a position to make judgement?

Big Brother 21: Is Nick Maccarone & Isabella Wang’s Relationship Officially Over?

The answer to that question comes from Bella, herself. According to the New Jersey native, she says they’ll talk about it when he’s out of the house. She said they’ll go from there. Sounds like Bella and Nick might still have a chance.

That’s if Nick explains himself — and she forgives him. Watch Nick Maccarone on Big Brother every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday on CBS. And watch Isabella Wang’s running commentary on social media.

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