‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Nick and Bella Blindsided – The Explosive Aftermath

Big Brother spoilers tease epic reactions from Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang after the eviction blindside. While HoH Nick planned on Nicole, his other nominee, going home, the Six Shooters alliance had other plans. Christie Murphy, Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera, Holly Allen, Jackson Michie and Tommy Bracco flipped the vote and evicted Cliff Hogg instead. Although he returned via the Camp Comeback twist minutes later. But Nick and Bella felt completely shocked and betrayed which caused them to confront the responsible party on BB21.

Big Brother Spoilers: Six Shooters Alliance Pulls Off Blindside

As the one in power this week, Nick Maccarone had his sights set on Nicole Anthony. She was his and Isabella Wang’s number one target due to drama that had occurred a week earlier. It seemed like Nicole would be the final member of Big Brother‘s Camp Comeback while she sat on the block next to Cliff Hogg III.

Yet, Nick and Bella’s very own alliance members were not on the same page. All of them agreed keeping Nicole would be better for their game in the long-run. Especially because she would take a shot at the showmance for them. So, the group decided to vote Cliff out without giving Nick Maccarone a heads up. Cliff was evicted on a BB21 6-4 vote leaving Nick Maccarone and Bella Wang speechless.

BB21 Update: Nick And Bella Want Answers Now

It was obvious from watching that Nick Maccarone and GF Isabella Wang were not happy with the results of the vote. But they remained stoic as Big Brother 21 host Julie Chen announced the news. Nick repeatedly tapped the couch while she talked – the only sign of his seething emotion.

After the BB21 live eviction episode, it took no time at all for the two to confront the Six Shooters alliance to get some answers. The confrontation left much to be desired in the way of drama. Everyone lied, so there was no satisfaction. They blathered half-truths about Cliff being more dangerous and easier to oust.

Nicole could win the battle back and be right back in the game. Their excuses did little to satisfy Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone so more Big Brother 21 drama’s brewing.

Bella Threatens Her Old Alliance Members

Isabella Wang was pissed after being blindsided at the live eviction and she was not afraid to let the others know. Specifically by threatening them and drawing a line in the Big Brother sand. “If I see you talking to Cliff or Nicole, I’m gonna assume you’re trying to get them on your side,” she told Jack Matthews.

Jack tried to tell her that her words seemed a lot like a threat, but in typical Bella fashion, she kept taking. She told him he can assume the same if he sees her talking to the two mentioned BB21 houseguests.

Big Brother 21 Spoilers: New HoH Shifts Targets To Two Jacks

Later, Cliff had a great night all-around. He won the comeback and is again in the BB21 game. Plus Big Brother crowned him HoH in a separate competition. Almost everyone sucked up to him throughout the day and tried to plead their cases.

Ultimately, Cliff set his sights on Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews, a duo that no one has had the guts to target yet. The tables have turned and Cliff seems to be getting even after his shocking eviction. See what happens when Big Brother returns this Sunday on CBS!

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