‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kemi and Bella Fight Over Eviction Speech and It Gets Physical

Big Brother spoilers reveal Isabella Wang (Bella) and Kemi Faknule got into a tiff after the live episode. Bella confronted Kemi after she dropped her and Nick Maccarone‘s name in her eviction speech. Which made Bella angry enough to get into a verbal fight over it. Then, it almost got physical when Bella put her hands on Kemi.

Big Brother Spoilers: Kemi Name-drops Bella And Nick In Eviction Speech

Kemi Faknule was on the block next to Jessica Milagros during last night’s live Big Brother eviction episode. With her being the obvious target, she appeared to know that she was going to be sent to Camp Comeback. So, she decided to leave the game with a bang. One that was also an attempt to drag Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone with her. She even referred to Bella as a snake during her speech practice with Nicole Anthony.

In her last ditch effort to stay, Kemi dropped a truth bomb on the house. Kemi accused Nick and Bella, of playing both sides of the house and put a target on their backs. While she was still voted out of the game, her speech got the desired effect: drama.

Isabella Gets Pissed – Puts Hands On Kemi

Big Brother spoilers reveal both Isabella and Nick weren’t too happy being talked about like that on live television. Bella even confronted Kemi later on. It happened when Big Brother live feed cameras switched to one of the bedrooms. Bella was yelling at Kemi because the other woman seemed to be questioning her game. “It’s called being nice to people and talking to people,” Bella started screaming.

Kemi told her to relax in a louder voice, but Bella kept going, clearly still upset about the eviction speech. “I’m the only person who cares about your personal problems anyway,” she informed Kemi, following after her. “Because I was your friend!” Then, Kemi got in Bella’s face and that’s when Isabella put her hands on her shoulders to turn her around and Kemi said, “You don’t need to touch me! Goodbye!”

Eventually, she was called into the DR but while waiting for the door to open the two bickered some more according to Big Brother spoilers. “I’m doing whatever the f*ck I want to do,” Bella said to Sam Smith and several other houseguests. “Which is a whole lot of nothing,” Kemi retorted before going into the Big Brother diary room.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nick Doesn’t Want Kemi In HoH Room

Nick Maccarone took the HoH crown last night and rubbed it in Kemi Faknule’s face. He claimed Kemi said he couldn’t win any competition but he ended up winning the most important one. But he said that he didn’t want Kemi in his room when he read his letter from his family. This is because he comforted her while she was on the block and she turned around and treated him like dirt. Will Kemi and Bella be able to remain civil or will there be another fight?

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