‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Bella Reveals Gr8ful Alliance To Sam Smith – Vote Flip in the Works

Big Brother spoilers tease Isabella Wang exposing the Gr8ful alliance to trucker Sam Smith. It happened after Jackson Michie had a conversation with Kemi Faknule about targeting Bella to see how far it spread. And – oh boy – did it make its way around the house. That sent Bella into panic mode and caused her to spill the beans about the eight-person power alliance to Sam Smith. This week on BB21 may go off the rails soon.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson Michie Starts Rumor About Bella Wang

Secrets usually don’t remain so in the Big Brother house. So, to test a theory, Jackson Michie told Kemi Faknule that he and Jack Matthews were thinking about targeting Isabella Wang. But it was just a way for them to see how fast it would spread around. Kemi told Bella about this so-called plan, but Bella was told about it prior so that she wouldn’t freak out.

Kemi talked to Bella again and informed her that Jackson said she was playing both sides of the house. It appeared to be another test because after Bella left to talk to Jackson about it, which Kemi used to prove to Bella Wang that Jackson wouldn’t trust her with anything in BB21.

Bella Tells Sam About Gr8ful Alliance

In a conversation between Isabella Wang and Sam Smith, Bella revealed Gr8ful to the truck driver. She told him about the eight of them and their Big Brother alliance. Sam wondered why he wasn’t part of it. And Bella said he was technically number nine.  Also, she explained that whenever one of the group said the word, “grateful” that was what they were referring to.

Bella Wang warned him not to tell Nick anything that she told him yet because he would run and tell Jack. She revealed that she doesn’t trust Jack and Sam agreed with her. Things in the BB21 house this week involve lots of loose talk. Cliff got busted cam talking and revealing his alliances. But, Sam got the straight scoop direct from an alliance member.

Sam Smith Questions His Position In The BB21 House

So, Bella Wang’s revelation left Sam Smith with a lot of questions and a lot to think about. He realized that he was actually a “bottom feeder” inside the Big Brother house. Something that he’d been calling some of the floaters in the game including Kemi and Jessica.

Sam now knows that he needs to step up his game and even though he’s cool with everyone that doesn’t mean they won’t get rid of him when the time comes. Because, that makes him prime for a new scheme coming up on the next BB21 live eviction night.

Big Brother Spoilers: Sam Smith Wants To Flip The Votes

After, with all the new info that came to light about his position in the game, Sam decided that he should really start playing the game. Bella said they should flip the votes this week. This could keep Kemi in the game and send Jessica to Camp Comeback with David and Ovi.

He told Bella about the long speech Kemi gave him to use the veto on her and he thinks that maybe he should have. Bella Wang agreed with him that maybe it would have been a good move. Watch Big Brother on CBS tonight to see the PoV play out. Then, tune in for the live eviction on BB21 tomorrow and see if Sam Smith gets the vote flip he wants.

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