‘Big Brother’: Nicole Blamed For Jackson’s Janky Vote – Gr8ful Ruthlessly Bashes Her

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have Jackson Michie blaming his janky vote on Nicole Anthony. He voted against Jessica Milagros when he wasn’t supposed to. Then lied about it. So, he laid blame on the Long Island preschool teacher and Gr8ful wasn’t having it. They took to the HoH room and bashed her relentlessly and loudly.

Later, Isabella Wang confronted her in a one-sided conversation and refused to let Nicole speak. The powerful alliance is appearing more and more like a bunch of bullies each day. So, what’s Jackson up to with this BB21 gambit?

Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie Throws Nicole Anthony Under The Bus

In an attempt to stir things up inside the Big Brother 21 house, Jackson voted against his alliance. “Let’s kickstart this thing,” was what he said. Instead of voting to evict Kemi Faknule, he told Julie Chen he voted to evict Jessica. But that was the only vote against Jessica. So, the Gr8ful alliance was out for blood.

Immediately after the eviction episode ended and live feeds came back on, Jackson told his alliance members that Nicole Anthony was responsible for the hinky vote. This redirected the group’s attention from targets Jessica and Cliff over to the other young woman. His attempt to pin the vote on her failed when most houseguests realized she would have straight-up told them she was voting Jessica out. But it still caused outrage.

BB21’s Gr8ful Turns Into A Bunch Of Nine Bullies

Previously called Gr8ful, the now nine-person alliance with Sam Smith was renamed “Unde9able”. The group congregated in the Big Brother HoH room, where their conversation turned loud, hateful and personal. And their topic of conversation was Nicole Anthony and things quickly turned ugly. Bella told the group that Nicole had accused her and Nick of being bullies.

The entire room began to verbally bash the Long Island native with Bella, Tommy, and Christie spearheading the witch hunt. Cliff, Ovi and even Nicole tried to come up several times, but they were denied entrance at the door. That allowed the large alliance to keep attacking her behind her back.

Several BB21 Houseguests Comfort An Upset Nicole

Nicole realized the commotion upstairs had something to do with her. So, it upset her. She voiced her concerns first to Cliff Hogg III, who sympathized with her and offered her some words of encouragement. He sat with her in the bedroom for a while while she talked out her emotions on the Big Brother live feeds.

Then, later on, Kathryn Dunn sat with Nicole in the BB21 storage room while she cried. She told her that, “tomorrow will be a whole ‘nother day”. Kat even tried to make Nicole feel better by suggesting they could go outside in the backyard. Kat told Nicole that things always change, especially in Big Brother.

BB21 Update – Bella Verbally Attacks Nicole on Live Feeds

Still extremely pissed off and believing Jackson’s lie, Bella confronted Nicole in the bedroom along with Tommy as her sidekick. It was more of a one-sided conversation as Bella did all the talking and refused to let her speak. Nicole calling her and Nick bullies upset Bella. Jackson’s Big Brother 21 pot stirring is a rousing success.

Also, Bella was angry about Nicole swearing on her grandma’s life. Because she found out Nicole’s only grandmother was already dead. Nicole made clear she said she swore it was on her grandmother’s grave and that Bella was making up lies. Bella talked at Nicole for several minutes before leaving. “I’m not here to listen,” Bella said when she tried to cut in. “So, you’re here to rant a lie at me?” Nicole retorted. Bella exited saying, “I’m done”.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nick Calls Nicole A Sociopath

In a heated conversation between Bella and Nick in the BB21 feeds, the HoH used his mental health professional experience to diagnose Nicole Anthony as a psychopath. He diagnosed her from half-truths and flat-out lies that Bella fed him. She told him that Nicole joked about using her anxiety as a strategy in the game.

The news disgusted Nick who claimed he could actually diagnose the woman as a sociopath. To see all the drama play out subscribe to the CBS All-Access to watch the BB21 feeds. Meanwhile, innocent Nicole Anthony saw the house turn on her over the hinky vote that’s Jackson Michie’s fault.

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