‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Nick in Showmance with Bella – Is There a BB21 Love Triangle?

Big Brother spoilers reveal Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang may be in the first showmance of the BB21 season. The two have been spending a lot of time together cuddling and getting very close. But Bella Wang supposedly lives with a man back home who might be more than a roommate. Not only that, but it also seems like Nick might be pining after Analyse Talavera, too.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nick Maccarone & Isabella Wang Showmance?

Big Brother is essentially a social game and showmances are part of the reality show’s package. There’s at least one or more every season and sometimes it’s a match made in heaven. And it seems Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone are the next two falling into the showmance category.

Bella and Nick are spending quite a lot of time together in the house, talking both personal and game. Live feeds show them cuddling on the hammock and in the bedroom similar to Big Brother 19‘s Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. They even put the ‘showmance’ label on themselves. Although they don’t want it to be a public one.

Bella Wang Might Have A Boyfriend Back Home

It appears that Isabella Wang might have had a boyfriend before going on the show that she lives with. Nick Maccarone himself mentioned it on the Big Brother live feeds in a conversation with Sam Smith. He said, “she’s living with a guy [at home] and all her s*** is there.”

On the Big Brother video feeds, Nick told Sam that he and Bella slept together before he knew. But, Nick didn’t clarify if he and Bella had sex or were just sleeping in the same bed. Yet, it seems the two couldn’t stay away from each other because their back to hanging out with each other and being cute.

Big Brother Spoilers: Analyse Talavera Causes Trouble For Them

Analyse Talavera spending time with Nick Maccarone and cuddling with him set Isabella Wang off this week. She was instantly pissed at Nick for “cuddling with other girls.” Bella confronted him about it and Nick reminded her that she didn’t want a showmance several days ago.

But apparently now Isabella does and is threatened by Analyse. Nick assured her that he is into her and, “everything I have done in this game has been to help you.” Will Bella be able to keep her cool and will Nick stay away from Analyse? Tune in to CBS and Big Brother tonight to see what happens!

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