‘Big Brother’: Kathryn Dunn and Nick Maccarone Cuddle up in Vegas

Big Brother stars Nick Maccarone and his jury showmance partner Kathryn Dunn are in BB news this week. The two headed to Las Vegas along with some of their castmates and previous BB alums to celebrate. But Kat and Nick were looking extra cozy in some of the Instagram stories they were spotted in. So, what’s the deal with that, and is Bella out of the picture for good?

Big Brother 21: Nick Maccarone Ditches Bella for Kathryn Dunn?

The night after the Big Brother finale, Nick Maccarone was spotted hanging out with Isabella Wang (Bella) and Sam Smith. Everyone appeared to have a great time and there were no signs of animosity between the former couple. So, fans wondered if they got back together or if Bella forgave Nick for hooking up with Kathryn.

Bella seemed pretty adamant on television about being done with Nick, so maybe she was just there for Sam. He was the third person in their alliance and their closest ally in the Big Brother house. Sorry if you’re #TeamBella because Nick jetted off to Vegas without Bella and spent some time with Kathryn Dunn.

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Fame has reallyyyyy changed some of us……

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BB21 Cast Members & Other Alumni Party in Vegas

After hanging out in Venice, the party moved to Las Vegas for many of the now-former houseguests. Nick Maccarone, Kathryn Dunn, Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, David Alexander, and Kemi Faknule were all there.

Big Brother alums Swaggy C, Bayleigh Dayton, Rachel Swindler, Kaitlyn Herman, Kaycee Clark, Elena Davies and sisters Alex and Morgan Willett joined them. It was a party all around with a lot of social media posting to prove it.

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Big Brother: Nick Cuddles Up With Kat

Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn’s romance began in the jury house and it might not be over just yet. Nick and Kat sat next to one another in the car. Then Nick fell asleep on Kat’s shoulder in a position the appeared comfortable for the duo. Plus, they spent time as a group once they arrived in Vegas and looked very happy. Does this mean that Nick and Kat are giving their relationship a try in the real world.

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