‘Big Brother’: Nick Maccarone Gets Inappropriate With Several BB21 Houseguests

Big Brother’s Nick Maccarone is making headlines once again for some inappropriate behavior. Especially towards Staten Island native Tommy Bracco. More often than not, every interaction between the two consists of some creepy touching on Nick’s part. Something that seems unwanted by Tommy who awkwardly laughs it off most of the time. Also, he was caught sticking his hand up Kathryn Dunn’s shirt without asking.

Big Brother: Nick Maccarone Gets a Little Too Personal With Tommy Bracco

Besides his interesting relationship with Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone has gotten a little too personal with several other Big Brother houseguests. His BB21 showmance, Isabella Wang, isn’t too happy with hisbehavior. Bella even commented publicly that she no longer supports Nick and his actions.

But none more than current Big Brother Head of Household Tommy Bracco. His behavior is starting to border on creepy and gives off major BB20 vibes similar to JC Mounduix.

For example, on Tuesday night Nick did something on the Live Feeds that appeared to make Tommy extremely uncomfortable. He used him as a model while explaining how he tends to have sex with girls. It involved a lot of touching and Tommy didn’t look like he was enjoying it. Big Brother live feeds showed that at one point he even touched Tommy’s junk with his toe.

On Wednesday nights episodes, CBS gave Nick a very funny edit showing him and Tommy having a fun time touching each other constantly. While much of what they showed is accurate, BB Live Feed viewers say the show did not include the one encounter that they feel crossed the line.

Nick Aggressively Dry Humps Tommy

Sadly, that wasn’t it from Nick Maccarone for Tommy Bracco. Several times last night he aggressively dry humped the Big Brother HoH who didn’t seem into it in the slightest, not even as a joke. He even shoved Nick off him and gave him a talking to.

“We don’t like that,” he told Nick seriously, “that’s not what guys like.” But Nick didn’t take him seriously and laughed it off like it was no big deal. Then did it again later when the two were cuddling in bed with Kathryn Dunn.

Kathryn Dunn Becomes Another Victim to Nick’s Advances

It seems no one is safe from the creepiness that is Nick Maccarone. Fellow Big Brother houseguest Kathryn Dunn is just the latest to fall victim to his boundary issues. While laying in one bed with Tommy and Nick, the trio decided to have a group hug.

But Nick might have taken things a little too far by reaching a hand up Kat’s shirt while doing so. Then, he proceeded to lick her afterward.

Big Brother: No Boundaries In BB21 House

Nick Maccarone’s creepiniess knows no bounds and fans have decided it needs it’s own hashtag. So, they’ve officially dubbed it “No Boundaries Nick” which couldn’t be closer to the truth. He obviously needs a lesson in personal space; otherwise, it could end up costing him his game. Will he change his ways before it’s too late?

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