‘BB20’ Live Feeds: Kaitlyn Exposed – Faysal and Brett Reveal Antics After Kaitlyn Herman’s Eviction

Big Brother spoilers show that Kaitlyn Herman was ripped apart by her “friends” Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) and Brett Robinson after her eviction from the BB20 house. Live feed watchers had a front row seat as the remaining houseguests threw a “Kaitlin exposed” party to celebrate her eviction from the house. Some of the BB20 cast exposed everything and revealed Kaitlyn’s sex antics in the Big Brother house. The men in the BB20 house finally compared notes and discussed Kaitlyn’s “feelings” for many of them. The guys recounted the multiple times she tried to act on her urges and force her “attentions” on them. The conversation was shocking.

Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) and Kaitlyn Herman in the Big Brother House

Faysal Shafaat talked about when Kaitlyn Herman won HoH on BB20. He visited her in the Big Brother Head of Household room. Fessy wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to nominate him. He described how she tried to force his hands onto her breast (it was not the only time she did it). Fessy said she locked to door to her HoH bedroom.

Fessy said he told her, “no, do not lock that door.”  Then he had JC demonstrate how she tried to force his hand onto her boob and was fighting it. Faysal told everyone he said to Kaitlyn, “I’m like, I do not want to do this.”

They asked Fessy if Kaitlyn had ever touched his “junk,” and he said, “When I would shower in the HoH room, she would always be like, hey do you need anything?” He mimicked her opening the shower to peek at him – he said she tried to look through the cracks.

Brett Robinson and Kaitlyn Herman on BB20

The BB20 houseguests asked Brett Robinson if Kaitlyn ever told him she loved him. He said they talked about other things like sexual urges. On the feeds, Brett got noticeably uncomfortable. The other BB20 cast members begged him to let live feeders know. He admitted, “Day two, Kaitlyn pulled off her mic, pulled the blanket over her head and says ‘if I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would totally fuck you.’”

Brett Robinson further described how Kaitlyn Herman slipped into his bed at night, uninvited, while he was sleeping. He claimed he never acted on Kaitlyn’s advances, but other live feed viewers reported seeing Kaitlyn apparently servicing Brett with her hands. Brett seemed embarrassed and with everyone mocking Kaitlyn, no way would he admit to caving and letting her get “hands on” with him.

Brett told the houseguests that he kept his body turned away from Kaitlyn. He said he was “very good about my positioning” then demonstrated wiggling around. Brett showed the others how he would curl up in a ball when Kaitlyn would begin pressing her body against his private parts. He said to fend her off, “I just went fetal”

Rachel says, “I can’t believe she was using that kind of manipulation to get herself farther in the game… to preach the woman empowerment and then she’s lying in bed with him [Brett] and rubbing her butt up against him.”

JC said, “I’m pretty sure at least one time she got it” referring to her attempts to get her hands on Brett’s man bits. According to BB20 feed watchers, JC was right. Even evicted Big Brother houseguest Swaggy C saw the undercover action between Brett and Kait and tweeted about it.

The BB20 live feeds

The BB20 houseguests discussed whether or not they were on “BB After Dark” when they were talking. Fessy said if so, “Our ratings just went up the f*cking roof.” They all agreed. You can watch the entire conversation below but some more interesting tidbits included Angela saying that Kaitlyn told her she had some sort of lady-bit surgery to ensure encounters with her were satisfying.

Fessy confessed that Kaitlyn also told him about her vaginal surgery. Angela said, “That was the first word I heard out of her – was about her v***na”. Kaitlyn was also on the minds of Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Matthews. On their eviction after-show, they coyly asked questions about Kait’s boyfriend Joe.

Before she came out to talk to them, Ross cautioned viewers that they were not allowed to tell Kaitlyn certain things. This included the fate of her relationship. Kaitlyn told Marissa once she left the studio, she would get her phone back and no doubt, she discovered she’d been dumped by her boyfriend Joe.

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