Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Tyler Romancing Kaitlyn While Plotting Blindside

Big Brother 20 fans are deeply divided when it comes to Kaitlyn Herman. Some die-hard viewers seem to think that Kait’s gonna leave with no money, no boyfriend, no Tyler, and no Fessy. This seems to be a polarized view from what Kaitlyn’s thinking. And Tyler Crispen has ideas of his own that will stun Kaitlyn if it works out the way he wants.

Many Big Brother viewers have been tuning in for years. They’ve witnessed just about everything when it comes to the conniving antics of the contestants. Live feed viewers are well aware that Tyler is playing romantic games with Kaitlyn. The edited show that airs on CBS hasn’t made this clear. Tyler lets Kaitlyn think he has feelings for her, but live feed watchers know he’s playing her hard and well.

Tyler Crispen’s Got Kaitlyn Herman Fooled

Tyler appears infatuated with Kaitlyn. But when he’s out of her orbit, it’s obvious he wants to evict her ASAP. Swaggy C was convinced that Tyler had real feelings for her. After his eviction, Swaggy C told Julie that Tyler “fell in love with someone who’s got a boyfriend back home.” Clearly, Swaggy didn’t know Tyler was working an agenda.

Kaitlyn hangs on Tyler’s every word. Viewers have noticed Kaitlyn’s constant need for attention. And it’s Tyler’s attention she wants more than anything. Tyler’s giving her what she needs. But he’s formed a final three “Happy Family” alliance behind Kait’s back with Haleigh and JC. Kaitlyn is their first target!

Kaitlyn Too Caught Up In Drama To Get a Clue?

If Kait does fall prey to Tyler’s secret scheme against her, most Big Brother fans wouldn’t feel too bad for her. When Kaitlyn set up Swaggy C’s blindside and eviction, she sobbed. Kait made what BB19‘s Cody Nickson would call “victim noises” and tried to play innocent. The funny thing is that it wasn’t Kaitlyn’s plan at all, but Tyler’s. He convinced Kait it was her idea, though, and the blood is on her hands.

Rockstar warned Kaitlyn in no uncertain terms that Tyler is playing her. But Kait can’t hear it. Rockstar compared Tyler to Star War’s Emperor Palpatine. She told Kait that Tyler is only playing stupid and says “he’s not f-ing dumb.” Kaitlyn adamantly defended the object of her affection. Rockstar said Tyler is a “competition beast” that will separate them all and win in the end. Kait’s in denial.

Kaitlyn The Next Big Brother Eviction Target?

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds show that JC warned Tyler on live feeds that Kaitlyn is always stalking Tyler around the house. Tyler agreed that Kait is a problem and told JC on Saturday, “Maybe next week we can get either her [Kaitlyn] out or Rockstar” then confirmed Brett is the hard target for this week.

Not only are JC and Tyler plotting to get Kaitlyn out as soon as possible, but they want to make sure she’s not on the jury. JC said on Saturday that if she makes it that far, she will be a “bitter jury” member. Tyler agreed and said she would “vote emotionally”. JC has been on a non-stop campaign to put a wedge between Kait and Tyler. Turns out Tyler didn’t need much encouraging.

Kaitlyn’s Needy, Tyler’s Annoyed

Tyler been pushing Kait away since she targeted him for affection weeks ago. Kaitlyn doesn’t know it yet, but her musician-boyfriend Joe dumped her. The antics with her getting handsy with Faysal and Tyler in the BB20 house were too much. JC told Tyler that his life would be a mess after the game because of Kait. But it seems Kait is the one facing a mess.

Not only that, but it’ll be sooner rather than later. Tyler and JC are cooking up a blindside plot to kick her to the curb. Yesterday, Tyler told Kait to go socialize and leave him alone. He seemed relieved when she finally took the hint. Since Kait won’t back off, Tyler is ready to shove her all the way out the door! Kait will never see it coming unless she opens her eyes.

BB20 House Turning on Kaitlyn?

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate Kaitlyn has few fans inside the house. The other houseguests tiptoed around her as she made sure to ally herself with first HoH Tyler. Then she had the next HoH reign. But now, with Scottie in control, she’s fallen out of favor. And the tides are shifting. Many want to separate Tyler from Kait and see her out the door – including Tyler himself!

It could be next week that Kaitlyn will be called to reckon for her abuse of power. Feed watchers saw she used her HoH reign to try and score with Tyler and Fessy. Tyler might play Kaitlyn like a fiddle all the way to her eviction with her none the wiser. All he’s got to do is keep those blue eyes batting at her, and that smitten kitten could remain clueless!

What do you think? Are you hoping Kaitlyn is the next to be evicted after one of the Bros goes home this week? Come back to Soap Dirt for the latest Big Brother spoilers and news.