Big Brother News: Kaitlyn Herman Dumped by Angry Boyfriend for Cheating Behavior

Big Brother contestant Kaitlyn Herman claims she has psychic abilities and insights given to her by spirits.  However, karma caught up to Kaitlyn when she tried to cheat on her boyfriend in the BB20 house.  Former friends and family have posted on social media that her boyfriend is not too happy with his girlfriend pressuring housemate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat to have sex. They make it clear – she’s already been dumped. As a psychic, she should have seen it coming.

Kaitlyn Herman can’t control her “urges”

Kaitlyn Herman, the 24-year old “life coach” seems to have a problem keeping her sexual urges in check. After she became HOH, she began wielding her power over the hunky men in the house.

As the current Head of Household, she roams the house in her HOH robe, rubbing her hands on the shirtless men.  One can only be reminded of Harvey Weinstein, roaming a hotel room in his robe, abusing his power.

Did Kaitlyn cross the line with Fessy?

Many Big Brother fans think she crossed a line when she was lying beside Fessy trying to seduce him.  He turned her down and she covered her mic and said, “I want to F**k you so bad.”

Fessy was already in the early stages of a showmance with Haleigh Broucher , but that didn’t seem to bother the seductress.  After all, before Kaitlyn Herman was HOH (and without power) she was in tears when she caught Fessy and Haleigh under the covers. Kait won HoH and fans think she’s drunk on power. Poor Fessy has to to anything she wants to keep her happy.

Later, Kaitlyn tried to kiss Tyler Crispen on the live feeds. SoapDirt was the first to report on Kaitlyn’s Weinstein-like abuse of power.  After all, she has the power to send these men home and cost them half a million dollars.

Kaitlyn dumped by boyfriend on Twitter

All of Kaitlyn’s shenanigans didn’t go unnoticed by her boyfriend, Joseph Pincus, according to his family. Joe’s sister vented today on Twitter about Kait doing her brother wrong. Judging by Joe’s comments, he was watching the show and the live feeds at home. He was retweeting positive comments from fans about Kait, too. But it appears that Kaitlyn Herman was dumped by boyfriend.

Kaitlyn’s boyfriend Joe was also in charge of her social media online accounts while she was on the show. But that ended! Based on timing, the day after Kait spent the night rolling in bed with Fessy, her BF was done with her. It’s ironic that his last tweet on her account mentioned Fessy.


Shortly after Joe’s last Twitter post for his girlfriend (June 29th), the Kaitlyn Fessy in bed incident happened.  As of June 30, Joe stopped tweeting his support for her and stopped updating her social media accounts. Joe’s sister (also a former pal of Kait’s) tweeted today calling Kaitly Herman a “psycho” and confirmed the breakup. To most fans of BB20, it appears Kaitlyn was dumped and doesn’t know it yet.

Is Kaitlyn channeling Big Brother player Victor?

It’s interesting to note that Kaitlyn Herman says her favorite Big Brother player is Victor Arroyo from BB18.  Victor would frequently touch the women in the BB house, especially the ones in showmances.  However, his antics were mostly uncomfortably-long hugs. In particular, Victor couldn’t keep his hands off Nicole Franzel, who was showmancing Corey Brooks at the time.

It worked out for Victor though since he and Nicole are now living together and in a serious romance. But Kaitlyn Herman is different. She’s been targeting one man after another – first Fessy, then Tyler, and also getting handsy with Brett. Is Kaitlyn looking for romance or enjoying the rush of using her power to get her hands on men?

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