‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kaitlyn Abusing HoH Power Like Weinstein?

Things are going crazy on week two of Big Brother 20. Kaitlyn Herman is the HOH and it looks like she is taking control of the house in more than one way. She is in charge of nominations and everything else, but it also looks on the live feeds like Kaitlyn is using this power to land herself a showmance.

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Kaitlyn Flirts It Up With More than One Guy on Big Brother

It was already revealed that Kaitlyn was trying to mess up Haleigh’s showmance by getting into bed and flirting it up with Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat. Things got pretty close between the two, but now Kaitlyn is also telling Tyler Crispen that she wants to kiss him on the live feeds. It really does look like she is using her power as the HOH to get a few sexual favors going on for her. Nobody wants to make the HOH upset. This means that if they don’t go along with her advances that could end up hurting their game.

Kaitlyn is trying to get what she wants from the guys. It seems very similar to Harvey Weinstein. She is using her position of power to get what she wants. Kaitlyn is actually saying she wants sexual favors and she is the one in charge. How can Big Brother be okay with her doing it this way?

Faysal and Tyler already don’t like each other, so this is going to cause a ton of drama in the house. You know that CBS loves the drama and it brings in ratings. But they may be taking it too far this time.

Kaitlyn has a boyfriend

The other shocking thing going on is that Kaitlyn has a boyfriend back home. Aussie Celebs shared that there is a man in her life, which makes all of this even crazier. Is she just acting like Weinstein to get what she wants? Is her boyfriend at home in on it all? His name is Joe and he seems pretty classy. Check him out below.

Big Brother star Kaitlyn and Joe

Reddit loves Kaitlyn

Reddit is going crazy about Kaitlyn from Big Brother. It is obvious the editors for CBS must love her. She has been seen sticking a q-tip up her nose to clean it among other things. All of the sexual stuff is hard to edit and they keep trying to make it where they can’t hear what they are saying on their microphones.

UPDATE: After this article was published, Kaitlyn’s boyfriend dumped her.

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