‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tyler Uses PoV – Kaitlyn Plots Blindside

Big Brother 20 viewers will see the first backdoor plan just two weeks into the season. It should be an epic blindside on BB20. Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman put Winston Hines and Scottie Salton on the block for eviction. Her ultimate plan was not for either one of them to go home. She has a backdoor plan in mind. Some of the houseguests support Kaitlyn’s decision. Others think it was a risky move.

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Kaitlyn Herman’s Big Brother backdoor plan

Kaitlyn’s backdoor plan became an option after Tyler Crispen won the Power of Veto and used it to take Scottie Salton off the block.  Therefore, Kaitlyn chose a replacement for Scottie.

Kaitlyn’s replacement is Swaggy C,, whose real name is Chris Williams.  This was a very shocking move for the outspoken houseguest who didn’t expect that to happen, according to Newsweek. The plan was also a surprise for the other houseguests.

What Swaggy C’s blindside eviction could mean

Kaitlyn indicated that she is looking out for her game.  For that reason, she wants Swaggy C out of the house. If she gets her way, he will be the second person evicted this season. Steve Arienta was the first to be evicted.

Jessica Graf from Big Brother 19 posted a survey on Twitter.  An overwhelming number of people would like to see the 23-year-old day trader evicted. A few people want him to stay because they describe him as a great entertainer. They said the series would be boring without him.

Swayleigh’s BB20 showmance

Either Winston Hines or Swaggy C will be evicted this week. If Swaggy C is evicted from the house, the showmance with Bayleigh will be affected. The pair will not be able to see each other every day as they have been doing up to now. They recently chose “Swayleigh” as their showmance name. Bayleigh assures Swaggy that he might get sympathetic votes to stay in the house because of what Kaitlyn did to him.

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