‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kaitlyn Manipulates Tyler with his Dead Dad AGAIN to stay in BB20 House

Big Brother spoilers show Kaitlyn Herman using Tyler Crispen’s dead dad against him for the second time in BB20. Earlier in the season, BB watchers saw on Big Brother 20 that Kaitlyn Herman forced Tyler to swear on his dead dad’s grave that he was telling her the truth. The demand put Tyler in the uncomfortable position of having to lie on his dad’s grave. Is manipulating someone’s deceased loved one, twice, for gameplay okay? Fans don’t think so.

Kaitlyn Herman forces Tyler Crispen to swear on his deceased dad’s grave

Having to swear on a beloved family member’s grave is a situation no one should ever be put in – particularly not for a game.  Kaitlyn forced Tyler to chose between dishonoring his father’s memory and winning half a million dollars.

Fans are upset with Tyler Crispen, but even more think that Kaitlyn Herman crossed a line.

In Tyler Crispen’s defense, if his father were able to communicate from the dead, he would probably tell his son it’s okay. After all, he would want his son to win the $500,000.

Kaitlyn (the physic) “talking” to Tyler’s dead father in BB20

As it turns out, Tyler’s father is apparently “communicating” from the great beyond.  Just not with Tyler. According to Kaitlyn, his father has been reaching out to her with a message for Tyler.  She claims his dad wants him to save her in this week’s eviction vote.

As we all know, Kaitlyn is a gifted physic, has spirit guides, and now she talks to the dead.  Is there anything this part-time receptionist and life coach can’t do?

If Kaitlyn was able to talk to all-knowing spirits, then why is she always in the dark when it comes to gameplay?  Instead of trying to seduce the men in the house, wouldn’t it be better if she just asked her powerful other-world allies to fill her in on the shenanigans of the other houseguests?

Is Kaitlyn using her “gifts” to win Big Brother 20 a big “No No”?

Most physics claim that their gift can’t be used for personal gain.  It appears Kaitlyn’s powers are so strong she’s able to break that rule and communicate with Tyler Crispen’s deceased father and pass along messages to keep her in the house.

Maybe Kaitlyn is building up “good karma,” and is keeping the spirits on her side.  As the live feeds show, Kaitlyn was recently under the covers with Brett Robinson. In the hook-up, she appears to give Brett a h*ndjob. As of the latest live feeds, it seems Brett is waffling on evicting her, so maybe her “hands on” approach worked, even if her spirit guides have failed her.

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