‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kaitlyn Herman and Brett Hook-Up LEAKED in BB20 House Live Feeds

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Kaitlyn Herman and Brett Robinson were apparently hooking up in bed on the live feeds.  Fans watch as the two are in bed in a dark room. The live feed cameras are rolling with their “see-in-the-dark” inferred lenses. Kaitlyn and Brett either don’t know or don’t care that the cameras can see them in a dark room.

Kaitlyn Herman & Brett Robinson hook-up on live feeds

As Kaitlyn and Brett are under the covers, her hand is near Brett’s lower regions (going back and forth). Big Brother live feed watchers are now calling it “H*ndjob-Gate.”

Veteran watchers are no stranger to this type of conduct among cast members. It’s common for cast members to hook-up under the covers without going the distance.

Tyler, Faysal, Brett, and Kaitlyn – That’s more than a love triangle on Big Brother

There are only five males left in the house.  Scottie Salton is a self-proclaimed virgin and JC is gay, so that leaves only three eligible men locked in the BB20 house with Kaitlyn. And now she’s had her hands all over all three.

It appears no straight male is safe (except for Scottie – for now) from Kaitlyn and her urges.

Kaitlyn and Tyler

Kaitlyn is constantly cuddling up to Tyler Crispen, and feed watchers go crazy on social media when she makes overtures.

She tries to send hidden messages to Tyler by constantly writing on his arm, but it’s in clear sight of the viewers that don’t miss a thing.

Around the same time, Kaitlyn is clearly heard on the live feeds telling Faysal “I want to F**k you so bad.”

Kaitlyn’s previous hook-up with Faysal in BB20 House?

It also appears that Kaitly and Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat might have had a previous affair. This would have been before the live cameras started rolling.  Bayleigh was apparently telling JC about the affair on the feeds while whispering and trying to cover up her mic.  Kaitlyn’s alleged affair would explain why she’s an emotional train wreck when it comes to Faysal Shafaat. The “on the block” Kaitlyn took it hard when Fessy decided to pull Hayleigh off the block (instead of Kaitlyn) when he won the veto. Kaitlyn broke down crying.

Kaitlyn and Brett

Now that Kaitlyn is on the block and has lost her relationship with Faysal, is she trying to pull a vote out of Brett?  It appears she may not have the votes to stay in the house. In desperation she may be doing everything possible to get the votes to stay. It’s too soon to tell, but Kaitlyn and Brett could make an unlikely ride-or-die power couple.

Dumped by boyfriend on social media

Previous spoilers show Kaitlyn’s boyfriend dumped her on social media after watching her cheating behavior on the live feeds.  One watcher on Reddit reports that Kaitlyn said her boyfriend once broke up with her in the past because she “made a mistake.”  Is the mistake an affair?  Is this pattern of behavior par for the course for Kaitlyn Herman?

In Sam’s nomination speech, she told Kaitlyn she didn’t approve of her gameplay. The way she tries to use the men of the house. Could the one thing that put her on the block be the key to keep her from going home?