‘Big Brother’: Kaitlyn Herman Dumped Again Because of Tyler – Boyfriend Unfollows Her On Social Media

Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman is a post-eviction treasure. After getting handsy with the men in the house, Kaitlyn admitted her boyfriend Joe Pincus dumped her while in the house. Despite their split, her long-time musician boyfriend was still following her on Twitter. But Kaitlyn made another epic misstep playing fangirl to Tyler Crispen and that got her social media dumped as well. Here’s what happened to the BB20 evictee.

Kaitlyn Herman Boyfriend Ghosting Her  

Many BB20 fans recommended Kaitlyn Herman seek immediate mental health counseling after she left the house. Yet she’s been remarkably reasonable and lucid following her epic Big Brother blindside – but apparently tone deaf. Kaitlyn did a video with friends about her time in the house. She admitted repeatedly that Tyler played her like a fiddle.

Tyler is ripe for the title of BB20 resident evil genius, but that hasn’t slowed up Kaitlyn Herman from liking him. She’s admitted she’s rooting for Tyler to win even though he orchestrated her eviction. Apparently, this was one indignity too many for Joe Pincus, Kaitlyn’s ex boyfriend. Kaitlyn is rooting hard for Tyler to win Big Brother 20 and one of her pro-Tyler tweets triggered Joe to unfollow her!


One Tyler Tweet Too Many

Kaitlyn tweeted on July 31, “Just because I was his #10 doesn’t mean he’s less deserving of the win. He was still my #1.” That was the tweet that seemed to push her ex-boyfriend, Joe, over the edge as he finally unfollowed her. In fact, it was her then boyfriend, Joe Pincus, that was managing Kaitlyn Herman’s social media accounts for her while she was in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 20 - Kaitlyn Herman and Tyler Crispen
Big Brother 20 – Kaitlyn Herman and Tyler Crispen

After BB20 handjobgate and other outrageous antics of Kaitlyn’s made the news, Joe Pincus’ sister (whose Twitter is now private) went off on Kait. She tweeted, “I’m aireatlantica’s sister and Kaitlyn’s former friend. Stop tweeting at him. We are all aware of her psycho and out of character antics. Trust me, he can and WILL do much better than her and doesn’t need anyone’s pity.“

Joe Pincus Dumps Kaitlyn Herman on Social Media

Big Brother fans have given Kaitlyn props since her BB20 eviction for handling herself pretty well and taking the criticism of her gameplay in stride. But it’s her ongoing support/obsession with Tyler that’s stunning. Kaityn’s video with gal pals two days ago showed her saying she and her ex-boyfriend are in a good place. She said the two are “taking a little bit of space” and asked people to leave him alone.


Kaitlyn Is Still Team Tyler

In the last couple of days, her ongoing support of Tyler may have moved her and Joe out of a “good place” when she crossed the line. Kaitlyn still has feelings for Tyler and has made that clear more than once. Since Kaitlyn’s still hung up on the guy, it must be hard for her boyfriend to see her lingering obsession in his Twitter feed. Unfollowing sounds like the right move.

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