‘Big Brother’ 20 Spoilers: Kaitlyn Forces Faysal To Fondle Her – When Will It Stop?

Things are going wild in the Big Brother 20 house and last night on the live feeds Kaitlyn Herman was seen forcing Fessy, Faysal Shafaat, to fondle her. It all started when Kaitlyn, Fessy and Scottie Salton were discussing strategy in the HOH room.

Kaitly turns to Fessy and says “I’m not trying to perverted. Give me your hand… just touch my t*t”. She explains by saying “Feel my heart right now” and goes on to talk about her heartrate. He didn’t seem to totally mind it, but this is not okay.

Big Brothers Fan Take To Social Media

Everyone was surprised to see this go down. Kaitlyn said that she simply wanted Faysal to feel her heartbeat. In the process, she grabbed his hand and put it on her breast. Everyone watching the live feeds went crazy. People inside the house noticed it as well. You can’t simply grab a guys hand and put it on your boob and it go unnoticed.

They were not in the room alone when this went down, after all Scottie was there. The thing is Kaitlyn didn’t seem to see the issue with what she did at all. If this was a guy grabbing a girl’s hand and putting it on his junk, the entire house and Internet would be outraged. You have to be appropriate when the entire world is watching you. It’s shocking that there’s not more outrage isn’t going crazy over what Kaitlyn did the way they would if it had been a guy.

Watch the video of Kaitlyn and Fessy in the BB20 HOH Room

You can see it go down in the video below at about the four-minute mark. She says she isn’t being perverted. However, it sure does come across that way because she doesn’t give Fessy a chance to say “no”. She even said, right as she’s forcing his hand onto her chest, “just touch my tit”. It was only afterward that she clarified it was about her pulse racing. What if a male houseguest had forced a woman’s hand onto his privates to feel his emotional reaction to something?

Kaitlyn Herman throws a tantrum

Last night in the house, Kaitlyn threw a tantrum totally. She was talking to Brett and upset. Kaitlyn feels like he threw her under the bus and she is crying talking about it. You can see this in the clip below. It is really messing with her game. Big Brother Network documented the entire meltdown on their site. She made it very clear she is going after the bros.

This is not the first time that Kaitlyn has used her body in the game. Soap Dirt drew some apt comparisons to Weinstein-esque abuse of power. Kaitlyn wielded her HOH to get inappropriately close to some of the male houseguests. It isn’t new to use your sexuality in this game to get places. But she may just be taking it too far. What do you think? Should Kait keep her hands to herself? Did she cross the line yet again?

And don’t forget. Her previous cheating like behavior forced Kaitlyn’s boyfriend to dump her on social media.

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