Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Scottie Livid at Faysal After Reporter Leaks Inside Info to Him

Big Brother 20 spoilers reveal Scottie Salton was accidentally given inside information about Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) when a TV Guide reporter asked him a revealing question.

When houseguests, like Scottie Salton, are evicted and sent to the BB20 jury house. They are supposed to be sequestered. Evicted houseguests are not allowed access to the outside world. This is so their final vote for the winner won’t be tainted by secret diary room conversations and private talks on live feeds.

It’s all the good dirt that America gets to see, but houseguests don’t.


Scottie Salton’s Exit Interview with TV Guide

One problem is the evicted houseguest interviews after they leave the BB20 house. The reporters are told to NOT ask questions revealing insider information or gameplay strategy. Most are careful. Ross Matthews and Marisa Winokur are very circumspect on their post-eviction show, but not everyone is so cautious. Mistakes happen. TV Guide interviewed Scottie Salton after his eviction and let it slip that Faysal Shafaat targeted him because of his schoolboy crush on Haleigh Broucher.

The TV Guide reporter asked Scottie Salton, “Do you think that if you hadn’t confessed to Fessy that you have feelings for Haleigh, he might have been more willing to try and keep you safe?”

Scottie answered: “Never crossed my mind. If I find out he kept me on the block because I like Haleigh, I will be livid. I never ever thought it was a possibility.”


Scottie’s Reaction to Faysal Shafaat’s Motives

It’s obvious that Scottie Salton, before this, never thought his ally Fessy would put him on the block. Especially just because he liked Haliegh. Scottie went on to say he thought Fessy might have some other alliance and it was a strategic move.

Scottie said, “If he isn’t in an outside alliance… and he targeted me for no reason, this is the stupidest thing. It doesn’t make any sense. If he sacrificed me because of jealousy… he is genuinely an idiot.”

It’s clear Scottie is putting all the pieces together. He now knows Faysal Shafaat isn’t in an alternate alliance and targeted him because of his feelings for Haleigh.  This information is sure to spread to Faysal’s evicted alliance members in the Big Brother 20 jury house.


The BB20 Battle Back Competition

Big Brother 20 spoilers promise there may be even more repercussions to come for Faysal Shafaat because next week there is going to be a Battle Back competition. One of the evicted houseguests will be able to come back into the house. If Scottie comes back, Faysal will probably be his target.

Then again, Faysal Shafaat might be part of the Battle Back comp, competing against Scottie to get back into the BB20 house. Fessy is on the block next to his girl Haleigh thanks to HoH Angela Rummans. If Fessy and Haleigh had only kept Scottie and evicted a Level 6 member, they might have won the HoH competition and stayed off the block.


Big Brother Spoilers

This week on Big Brother 20 should be nightmare-worthy for Faysal. He was so paranoid about Scottie’s friendship with Haleigh Broucher that he nominated and helped evict him. This week, with Fessy and Haleigh on the block, only a miraculous intervention can save Hayleigh or Fessy from eviction.

If it’s Haleigh and neither she or Scottie wins the Battle Back, they’ll be together in the jury house. That would drive Fessy crazy. And if Fessy’s evicted, but Scottie wins Battle Back, he’ll be back in the BB20 house chilling with Haleigh while Fessy’s cooling his heels in jury. That would also make jealous Fessy paranoid.

The third option is that Haleigh’s evicted, Scottie wins Battle Back, and he targets Fessy who will be all alone in the house, vulnerable, and missing Haleigh. No matter what happens, this should be a week worth watching. Now that Scottie’s armed with inside info, thanks to the goof from the reporter, he can rat out Fessy’s sloppy gameplay to either the jurors or remaining houseguests, depending on whether he makes it back into the house.

Who do you hope wins the Battle Back? Do you think the reporter’s slip will come back to bite Fessy?

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