‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tyler Targeted by Kaitlyn – Angela’s Love Admission Made Her Snap?

Big Brother Spoilers show Kaitlyn Herman may have attacked Tyler Crispen online. BB20 fans think it’s because Angela Rummans declared her love for Tyler.

Kaitlyn might have finally broken her peaceful streak after leaving the show. Monday morning she posted a tweet describing her friendship with a certain house guest as “manipulative.” Twitter was quick to respond to her comments noting that she was most likely talking about house guest Tyler Crispen.

Big Brother Spoilers – Has Kaitlyn Herman finally snapped over Angela Rummans?

Before this tweet surfaced Kaitlyn seemed to have a calm demeanor when it came to Big Brother, so what changed? Big Brother fans believe it is because of Tyler’s recent admission and love for house guest Angela Rummans. Kaitlyn Herman was very close to Tyler Crispen all throughout her time on BB20. Tyler had just recently expressed his love for Angela Rummans on national TV.

Live Feeds have shown them getting closer every day. Sunday’s episode of Big Brother was a flashback of the past season. Unfortunately, the editing did not show Kaitlyn Herman in a flattering light. Viewers did get a chance to see Tyler Crispen gush over Angela Rummans. Did this bring on the pity party?

Big Brother 20: Kaitlyn Herman deleted tweet

Her tweet is quoted as saying “it’s interesting to me but there’s one very major storyline that doesn’t get addressed on Big Brother 20. Where I spent literally 24/7 with the same person and built a beautiful friendship until I was manipulated. Weird.”

The Twitter-verse piled on with gems like “don’t worry it made all of us feel weird too. Having to watch your failed attempt to cheat on your boyfriend on national TV. Very awkward for us.”

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Twitter was Quick with Comebacks Aimed at Kaitlyn Herman – BB20

Big Brother spoilers report fans were also quick to mention that Kaitlyn Herman once told Tyler Crispen “I would drop everything for you.”

Outraged fans also responded with “I watched every minute of feeds and I was screaming at my TV about how crazy and manipulative you were. You claiming victim now is just another form of manipulation.”

Big Brother Spoilers: Is Kaitlyn’s Manipulation of Tyler Crispen just part of the game?

Kaitlyn Herman blames Tyler Crispen for manipulating her. But it was not too long ago when Kaitlyn was in the house and did some manipulating of her own. She has told Tyler that his father came to her in a dream and later asked him to swear on his deceased father as part of her gameplay.

Big Brother spoilers reveal many view this as emotional manipulation because Tyler Crispen’s lost his father still affects him deeply. Big Brother fans say there are many forms of manipulation on both ends of multiple relationships. That’s just the game. And Big Brother is a game to win half a million dollars. But there are still house guests that take the strategy and gameplay so personally. Even after they are eliminated, they still feel used.

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