‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kaycee Clark Wins POV – Tyler or Angela Leaving for Jury House

Big Brother spoilers reveal Kaycee Clark has won yet another Power of Veto competition. With JC Mounduix as HOH, he has put Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans on the block. Unfortunately, Kaycee has decided not to use the power of veto. With the numbers down to four, Kaycee alone has to decide who she will evict and who she will take to Final Three.

Big Brother Spoilers – Should Kaycee Clark Take Tyler Crispen to Final Three?

Big Brother spoilers show when JC Mounduix won the Head of Household competition, he secured his place in the BB20 Final 3. Now Kaycee must weigh the Pros and Cons of taking Tyler Crispen or Angela Rummans to Final Three. Tyler is someone Kaycee has been loyal to and made a Final Two deal with from the beginning of the season.

But Tyler Crispen is also someone who has played an excellent Big Brother game. He has enemies at the jury house but nothing compared to Angela. If Kaycee decided to take Tyler to the Final Two as well, how will her gameplay compare to the Hilton Head lifeguard? Angela or JC would likely be easier to defeat in the end.

Kaycee Clark May Have Better Odds With Angela Rummans By Her Side on BB20

From a game standpoint, it seems Angela Rummans would be the better choice for the Big Brother 20 Final Three for Kaycee Clark. Angela is hated by almost everyone in the jury. She has much more blood on her hands then Tyler and Kaycee. When asked in the diary room if she regrets her GBM (goodbye messages) and how she left things with the other jurors, Angela Rummans admitted that her GBMs weren’t the best.

But Angela is still holding out hope that the jury will respect her gameplay. Angela would be someone Kaycee Clark could take to the final two as well, because of her aggressive approach to the game. While Kaycee was well-liked, Angela has so much blood on her Big Brother hands, she looks like a BB20 serial killer.

Kaycee Clark Plans Her Next Moves Carefully – Big Brother Spoilers

Kaycee has been a competition beast this season. She has won five veto competitions in a row and HOH too. She made friends with everyone in the house all while getting little to no blood on her hands when making her HOH decisions. If she were to take Tyler to Final Three and eventually Final Two, that would speak to her loyalty.

Then again, her gameplay might pale in comparison when sitting next to Tyler. Kaycee has been loyal to Level 6 from the very beginning and that kept her safe when other BB20 houseguests were sent packing. But will her loyalty also be her downfall? You decide. Is Angela the better choice for Kaycee to take to Final Three and eventually Final Two? Or should she choose Tyler Crispen tonight when she votes?


Who Should Kaycee Evict?