BB20 Spoilers: LEAK Reveals JC Won HoH – Tyler & Angela on the Block

Big Brother BB20 spoilers reveal JC Mounduix won the HoH competition and put Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans on the block. A reliable insider leaked the results. The same insider leaked that Sam Bledsoe was evicted and sent to the jury house in a special eviction ceremony that has not yet aired. Wednesday’s episode will show the eviction.

It’s been a wild couple of days for BB20 fans because Big Brother production cut off the live feeds during this time period. The video feeds have been on blackout because Wednesday night’s episode will not be a live broadcast like the normal Thursday night eviction ceremony. Most importantly, fans can expect the feeds to come back online after the Wednesday episode airs on the West Coast.

BB20 Spoilers – JC Mounduix Wins HoH Competition (Head of Household)

Shortly after Sam’s eviction, Big Brother held an HoH competition and JC Mounduix pulled out the win. In the diary room, he said he wanted Angela to go home. JC said he didn’t care who sat on the block beside Angela, he just wanted her sent away to the jury house. Fans know that he has been madly jealous of the “Tangela” showmance because he’s crushing on Tyler.

On Big Brother, JC Mounduix’s been trying to get Tyler to cut ties with Angela for weeks. Meanwhile, Tyler Crispen and his showmance Angela Rummans have heated up their semi-secret romance and even swapped “I love you” pledges recently. The big question is what will happen with the PoV comp because Tyler and Angela would likely save themselves, not the other.

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans nominated for eviction

Someone had to be on the block beside JC Monduix’s target Angela Rummans. JC decided to nominate Tyler Crispen and his girl Angela side by side. Either way, everyone one will play in the PoV comp since there are just four left in the house. Did he make a smart choice?

Nominating the showmance may not be JC’s best decision. Most importantly, most of the jury dislikes Angela. Tyler also has a fair share of enemies in the jury. Kaycee Clark, however, is liked by most of the jury. She is probably the one person no one wants to take to the final two – if they want jury votes.

JC’s pick doesn’t really matter

In the end, BB20 viewers know JC nominating Angela and Tyler is a moot point because with four players left in Big Brother, everyone gets to play in the POV competition. This means the winner of Power of Veto decides who goes on the block. This week the Head of Household’s only power is to stay safe from eviction.

This was a clutch win for JC since he didn’t win any competitions in BB20. This one he needed to save himself from eviction. Had he lost, a Level 6 member would have put him on the block and evicted him to jury. Lucklily, his win secures his place in the final 3. The question is what happens in the PoV and who goes with him.

Will JC Monduix Make BB20 Final 2?

Despite making it to the final 3, JC will have a hard time getting to final two. A three-part HoH competition decides F2. JC has had a hard time winning any competitions, so it’s unlikely he will prevail. Comp beast Tyler is likely to be playing. Nommed now, if Tyler wins PoV, he’ll be off the block.

If he doesn’t win PoV, and Angela does, he’ll be against Kaycee and Angela should evict the woman. If JC wins PoV or Kaycee wins and leaves noms the same, Kaycee should vote to evict Angela and stick with ride-or-die F2 partner Tyler. The bottom line is, no matter who’s evicted, JC faces an uphill HoH battle because all three are heavy hitters in comps.

With half a million dollars sitting on the line, JC might make a pretty good choice to take to the end but it’s doubtful any of the three would make that choice.

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