‘Big Brother’ 20 Spoilers: Who Are Final 3 Houseguests on BB20?

Big Brother spoilers show the final 3 houseguest have been chosen. The Big Brother Season 20 final 3 houseguests are Tyler Crispen, JC Mounduix and Kaycee Clark. Angela Rummans was in the running but was evicted by Kaycee while on the block with Tyler. Kaycee had won the Power of Veto and had the single vote to pick who to send to the jury house.


The Big Brother Season 20 Final 3 Houseguest:


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Tyler Crispen

Tyler Crispen

The Hilton Head lifeguard has played a near flawless game at the beginning of BB20.  He’s won one HOHs and controlled other player’s Head of Household nominations.  Despite having flipped his votes, Tyler has been able to deflect attention onto other houseguests.  He’s smart enough to avoid drama and will slink away whenever another houseguest throws a temper tantrum.

When Bayleigh was on the block she blew up Tyler’s game with a tantrum. Since then, other houseguest started to see him as a threat.



Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Clark

The professional football player played a great social game. She made very few enemies. She was was willing to throw comps at first to stay below the radar. Towards the end of the game she started using her smarts and athletic skills to pull out a wins. She is currently tied for having the most POV wins of any Big Brother player.

The Last Head of Household

JC was the last head of household. Currently Tyler and Kaycee have won parts one and two of the final HoH comps. This means JC’s only chance is if the winner of part 3 picks him to go to the end.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest JC Monduix

JC Mounduix

The houseguest seem to underestimate JC because of his accent and don’t realize he’s probably one of the smartest people in the house.  JC has manipulated the other players and made some very smart moves that have only been seen on the live feeds.

The smallest player was flying under the radar and made friends with everyone, until his blow out with Bayleigh.

His first big move was when he convinced HoH Fessy to put up his own alliance member Scottie. His next move was winning a crucial HoH. Had he not won, he would have probably sent to the jury house.


Out of the running for Final 3 on Big Brother – Listed in order of eviction:


Steve Arienta – Evicted Day 16

The 40-year-old former undercover cop from New Jersey was an easy target.  Tyler was able to nominate him without getting too much blood on his hands.


Big Brother 20: Swaggy C - Chris Williams

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams – Evicted Day 23

The day trader (and nanny) from Connecticut was in a showmance that made him a target, but it was Tyler putting paranoia into Katilyn’s head that eventually sent him home.


Level 6 Starts losing members


Big Brother 20: Winston Hines

Winston Hines – Evicted Day 30

The 28-year-old medical sales rep let his bromance with Brett put a target on his back. But it was his lack of competition wins that made his alliance vote him out instead of fellow Level-6 alliance member Brett.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Kaitlyn Herman

Kaitlyn Herman – Evicted Day 37

Probably one of the worst players to ever play the game, Kaitlyn is one to watch, much as you would a trainwreck.  Despite multiple psychic powers, supernatural spirit guides, and a third eye, her intuition is the worst of any player.  She’s damaged her game by calling people liars (when they aren’t) and trusting people that are lying to her face.

Kaitlyn lost a lot of trust when she flipped her vote the first week, then put up a member of her alliance the second week.  However, she did control (with Tyler’s prompting) the first two evictions of the season. Most viewers didn’t think Kaitlyn would make it the final 3 on BB20. However, fans wanted her to stay in the game because she’s one of the most entertaining houseguests to watch.

The psychic had a chance to come back into the game after the eviction, but failed to solve an easy six-piece puzzle.  She probably would have finished, but the self-proclaimed “life coach” took a long break during the two and half minute required time frame and said “I can’t do this”.  She was just a couple of seconds away from completing the puzzle when time ran out.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Rachel Swindle

Rachel Swindler – Evicted Day 44

The Las Vegas showgirl played a very low key game.  Rachel plays a good social game but agreed to go up as a pawn during Bayleigh’s HoH.  She’s was a fun player but when she was on the block became a train wreck to the point her own friends wanted her gone.


Houseguests that made it to the BB20 Jury House

The FOUTTE alliance, after Rachel’s eviction, had five members left.  What was left of the Level six alliance evicted all five FOUTTE members week after week.

The following evicted houseguest made it to the BB20 jury house. One of them will have a chance to play in the battle back and reenter the Big Brother house.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll: Houseguest Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh Dayton – Evicted Day 51

Bayleigh eventually she broke and began having heated arguments.  When she won HoH she threatened almost everyone in he house. After she was nominated she had several blow-ups and is probably going to the jury house this week.

Her fatal mistake was telling Rachel she had the “Identity Theft” power app. This painted a target on her back and many houseguests wanted the advantage out of the BB20 house.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest "Rockstar" Angie Lantry

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry – Evicted Day 58

The mom of three (for a while) was able to use her quirky personality to keep a target off her back.  She has great intuition about the game, but it wasn’t enough to save her.  Rockstar was the only one to firmly believe Scottie was an evil genius when he voted for his friend Swaggy. No one would believe her. She also warned Kaitlyn that Tyler was manipulating her (which he is) but Kait thought she was crazy.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Houseguest Poll - Scottie Salton

Scottie Salton – Evicted Day 65 and Day 79

The gaming geek had a strategy and was not afraid to make cutthroat moves and stand by his decisions.  Putting up both Winston and Brett at the same time was a power move and broke up a ride-or-die bromance.  Scottie made another huge move when he secretly flipped and voted for Swaggy while wearing a Swaggy C shirt.

Scottie’s flip caused confusion, distrust, and chaos that he hoped to capitalize on later in the game. However, the made a fatal mistake and told Bayleigh about his vote flip. Level 6 used this to make his own alliance not trust him which led to his downfall.

Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Faysal Shafaat "Fessy"

Faysal Shafaat (Fessy) – Evicted Day 72

The 6 foot 5 houseguest is one of the nicest guys in the house.  His major downside is he is always confused as to how the house is voting.  Fessy has been on the clueless side of a blindside every week and the fans get to watch his jaw drop after every vote.  His innocence may work to his advantage as he’s not making any enemies.

Fessy’s weakness seems to be the ladies, as he’s crushing on Haleigh.  He is also easily manipulated by other houseguest like JC.


The Last FOUTTE alliance member get’s evicted


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh Broucher – Evicted Day 86

The Texas girl has been flying below the radar and seems well-liked by most houseguests. But Haleigh’s game took some serious damage when Sam put her on the block.  Sam also wrecked Haleigh’s game when she accused the Texan of using flirting with the young men of the house as her primary BB strategy.

While there’s nothing wrong with a little camaraderie in the house as part of a strategy, it can blow up your game when called out. After Sam leveled the accusation, Haleigh bawled her eyes out in the DR and said she was hurt her family would hear that. Of course, this could make Haleigh second-guess herself and push away the males in the house to prove Sam wrong but burn down her game.

Haleigh’s biggest problem is her alliance with Fessy.  He’s making some dumb moves and caused both of them to get evicted.


Level 6 alliance starts evicting their own

With all of FOUTTE out of the house, Level six had to start looking at it’s own members and those that voted with L6.


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll: Houseguest Brett Robinson

Brett Robinson – Evicted Day 86

His decision to align with Winston as “The Bros” almost cost him the game.  Brett’s pre-eviction speech telling everyone Rockstar was going to flip will either go down as one of the most genius moves in BB history or one of the dumbest.  It was stupid to think anyone would fall for it, but then again… Kaitlyn is in the house.

Brett’s obvious ploy was lapped up as truth by some of the more simple-minded houseguests. Brett’s lie resulted in Rockstar going ballistic after Winston’s eviction. Her antics landed her on the block while Brett is safe and sound.

Brett didn’t doge his last bullet when he went against his Level 6 alliance and told Tyler he wanted to get Tyler’s showmance, Angela, out of the house.


Big Brother - Sam Bledsoe

Sam Bledsoe – Evicted Day 91

Big Brother 20‘s answer to female empowerment icon Rosie the Riveter is Sam Bledsoe. This gregarious powerhouse is a strong contender for the BB20 final three. She was playing a strong social game, making friends all over the house – both male and female. She’s also a rare female that’s not flirty or provocative in her game play.

This good ‘ol girl welder and artist at times is a calming presence in the house. Her HoH, though, hit Kaitlyn and Haleigh hard when she called them out for messing with the men in the house. Her nominations left both of the would-be femme fatales in tears and she followed up with a re-nom of Rockstar.

Sam’s vote flipping made her a wildcard and led to her eviction.


The final BB20 houseguest evicted


Big Brother 20: Final 3 Poll - Houseguest Angela Rummans

Angela Rummans

The fitness model came in and dominated parts of the game the first week putting a target on her back. Angela quickly realized her mistake and adjusted her game to the point that many viewers had forgotten she was even in the house.

However, with fewer people in the house she had to step up her game.  She was the first BB20 houseguest to win two HoH competitions. Her downfall came when JC won HoH and put her on the block next to her showmance Tyler Crispen.


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