‘The Talk’: Julie Chen Quits Via Video – Staying on ‘Big Brother’

The Talk on Tuesday will feature Julie Chen quitting her job, according to Brian Stelter, host of Reliable Sources on CNN.

Last week Big Brother watchers saw Julie Chen sign off on the show as Julie Chen Moonves. The first time she has done so. Viewers took it as a sign of fidelity and allegiance to her husband, Les Moonves. Les is the subject of sexual misconduct allegations. Her husband has been the network head for years, essentially her boss – and a big deal at CBS – ousted last week as allegations mounted from more and more women.

Watch Julie Chen quit The Talk on CBS

Now comes the news that Julie is quitting The Talk one week in the wake of Les leaving the CBS Corporation. With more than 94,000 subscribers, the show’s YouTube channel may feature her videotaped exit.

You can see Julie Chen’s resignation video below – shot on the set of Big Brother. Julie thanked everyone from The Talk and thanked the viewers. “I send you my love,” Chen said to everyone behind the scenes, her voice breaking at times. Julie Chen noted that she’s been at The Talk for nine years, but right now she has decided to leave The Talk to spend more time at home with her husband and young son.

“I’ve decided to leave The Talk,” Julie said. She then went on to thank each of her co-hosts by name and listed special things about each of them. While Chen was silent on her Big Brother fate, the video was shot on the sound stage for the reality show, so that’s a positive sign. Chen was also silent about the accusations lodged at her husband by many women.

Chen is trending

Twitter is abuzz with news of Chen’s impending departure from the chat show, with more than 350,000 tweets about the subject flowing in on Tuesday. Les Moonves, meanwhile, is also trending with his own share of tweets wherein he’s the subject matter at hand.

Les has gained nearly 5,000 tweets mentioning his name on Tuesday. A source close to Julie claims, “She has decided that her main focus needs to be clearing her husband’s name from accusations made 25-30 years ago and tending to her son.”

Chen Staying at Big Brother (For Now)

According to a reliable inside source attached to Big Brother, Julie Chen will stay on BB20.  She’s active on the call sheets and scheduled to appear. Also, while CBS didn’t know she was going to toss “Moonves” into her sign-off, they were not displeased. The move has brought in extra ratings and attention. So ,there will reportedly be no repercussions for her going off script.

Big Brother has NOT been renewed for Season 21 yet, but that was the situation before the Les Moonves controversy and does not appear to be part of the discussion. If CBS doesn’t keep BB, other networks are ready to scoop it up – with or without Julie Chen. Since she shot the video on the BB sound stage, it looks like she’ll be there for the rest of the season which is close to done.

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