‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Julie Chen’s Latest Tweet Sparks ‘CBB’ Season 3 Rumors

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves teased a cryptic picture on Twitter that might mean a third season for Celebrity Big Brother. While it was an unassuming photo of the Diary Room, Julie doesn’t post without a reason. So, some fans are hoping that it means the celebrity version will return this winter. It didn’t get a vocal renewal from Julie herself, but it has yet to be canceled. Will a new batch of celebs be walking into the house come January? Or is Julie hinting at a different version of the hit show?

Celebrity Big Brother: Nothing From Julie Chen About ‘CBB’ at ‘BB21’ Finale

For the last several years, it’s been customary for Julie Chen to announce the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother. She’s done it during the finale of the regular season both times before. Yet, this year we didn’t hear a peep about it from the show’s long-time host.

CBS has yet to speak on the subject, but there’s been no official confirmation by the company either way. Which doesn’t inspire a lot of hopefulness from the Big Brother community.

Julie Trolls Fans – Hints at ‘CBBUS3’

With an innocent enough tweet including a picture of the Diary Room chair, Julie Chen might have broken the Big Brother internet. It could just be the television personality having teasing fans, but we think there might be a little more to it than that.

Included in the tweet are two emojis that make the entire thing seem a little more like a clue. Julie used the eyes emoji followed by a winky face. That could mean mean BB fans should be on the lookout for some upcoming news. Or the woman’s just trolling us for a good laugh.

Celebrity Big Brother: Fans Want BBOTT or All-Stars

While some are crossing their fingers for another Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) season, others want another Big Brother: Over the Top or All-Stars. BBOTT was the exclusive online version only available on CBS All-Access while All-Stars brought back some of the best contestants to duke it out again. Whatever this news is, we definitely want to see some kind of Big Brother appearing on our televisions early next year.

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