‘Celebrity Big Brother’ News: Julie Chen Reveals Luxury CBB US 2 House Theme

Celebrity Big Brother news reveals the 1940s New York City theme for this season of CBB! Julie Chen herself took fans on a tour of the house and did not disappoint. The celebs are going to be living the good life for the next three weeks!

Celebrity Big Brother House: New York Theme – 1940s Style

The Celebrity Big Brother production crew went above and beyond for the design this year. Stepping through the front doors will take the celebs back in time almost eighty years to see how they would have lived then. Of course, everything still has a little bit of a modern flare.

As soon as you cross the threshold, the NYC skyline is right in front of you as if you were staring at it from across the river. This might provide comfort to celebrities who call New York City their home or just love the fast-paced life of the city.

The Bedrooms: Backstage Broadway, 5th Avenue, Chrysler Building and Luxury Hotel

The Celebrity Big Brother HOH room is exactly what one would see in any backstage Broadway production dressing room. Julie Chen shows vanity mirrors lined with makeup lights, an actual theater marquee turned into a headboard and the iconic star plastered on the door. The HOH room is also littered with flowers and wigs.

Brooklyn Bridge and More in Celebrity Big Brother House

Right outside the HOH room is the skywalk that has been turned into the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, it overlooks the kitchen and the living room.

Downstairs, the rooms might have more beds but are just as spectacular. Indeed, one room resembles 5th Avenue with the most popular fashion of the 40s decorating the walls. The celebrities can take a stroll down Saks Fifth Avenue to do some window shopping during their stay.

Julie Chen Shows Chrysler Building and Art Deco in CBB US House

The Chrysler building resonates in another room in the Big Brother house. The tower in NYC is known for being very tall and for its Art Deco architecture, the crown terrace and golden eagles standing guard setting it apart from the rest.

Plus, the third downstairs bedroom is modeled to look like a luxury hotel. The celebs might be used to staying in places like this, but the summer houseguests never get something this extravagant. A giant crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the room, giving off waves of class.

Homage to Sardi’s Wall of Celebrities

Julie Chen reveals both the kitchen and dining area are modeled after a very famous NYC restaurant. Caricatures line the walls – just as they do at Sardi’s. Only there, it’s hundreds versus the small number on the house walls. This year the Celebrity Big Brother house has its own wall of celebs from CBB US 1. 

Indeed, the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests will be dining among the past stars who played before them and maybe this will give them some inspiration to play a great game!

Grand Central Station Bathroom for CBB US Celebs

All aboard! As usual, the communal bathroom has two showers and only one toilet, which might be hard for some of these incoming celebrities and is also conveniently located right in the middle of what looks like Grand Central Station.

Given how much action and how crowded the bathroom gets, tying it to NYC’s busiest train depot is a perfect note. To see Julie Chen and the house in action, make sure to watch the CBB US two-night premiere on January 21 and 22.

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