‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen Trolls Fans with Iconic Player Pics – ‘All Stars’ to Replace Celebrity BB?

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves teased fans by dressing up as past players which has some thinking an All-Stars season is coming. For the past two years, Celebrity Big Brother has taken a slot in the winter. But ratings were lower for the second season of the US celebrity version. So, CBS might be thinking of reviving the beloved All-Stars theme, which saw the return of many fan favorites. Julie has been posting pictures on her Twitter dressing up as iconic houseguests like Mike Boogie, Paul Abrahamian, and Zach Rance.

Big Brother: Julie Chen Moonves Nails Zach Rance Impression

Everyone’s favorite Fruit-Loop thrower Zach Rance was the first Julie Chen posted up on her Twitter. If you don’t know Zach, he was a Big Brother houseguest on BB16. He was known for his Gators shirt, pink hat, and bromance with Frankie Grande. But his most memorable moment was when he called fellow houseguest Nicole Franzel a, “Fruit-Loop Dingus.” Then stood on the coffee table in the living room and threw the colorful cereal after being evicted.

Since leaving the Big Brother house, Zach has made a career in the real estate world. He currently sells houses in South Florida and no, he doesn’t set out Fruit-Loops as snacks for his open houses. If he were to return for All-Stars, there would be no shortage of laughs

Julie Chen Brings ‘Wackstreet’ Back

In Big Brother 17, houseguests Johnny Mac, Jason Roy, and Liz Nolan were given a musical punishment. Jason and Johnny lost the Battle of the Block. And because Liz was the HoH, she was awarded the punishment, too. For one week, they had to stay dressed up in all white as a boyband called “The Wackstreet Boys” an obvious ode to The Backstreet Boys.

Whenever the Big Brother house played their music, the Wackstreet Boys had to perform for the rest of the cast. So, when Julie Chen shared a picture dressed in the signature look with the caption, “Backstreet’s Back ALRIGHT” it could be one of three people. Since Julie is wearing the same blue bandana that Liz rocked, signs point to the blonde twin.

Big Brother: Frog Costume Points To Nicole Franzel

If the frog costume doesn’t scream Nicole Franzel, then the crown on its head is a dead giveaway. Nicole had to wear the costume as punishment after her nominees won the BoB on BB16. The crown Julie added to the ensemble is a nod to the fact the Nicole won Big Brother 18 when she returned for a second shot.

Julie Chen Takes a Trip to ‘Chilltown’

Unless you live under a rock, then you know the best alliance in Big Brother history. Yes, that’s right we’re talking about Chilltown. It was formed by Will Kirby, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Shannon Dragoo during BB2. Dr. Will went home with the $500,000 that summer. But he and Mike Boogie came back for the first-ever All-Stars edition.

Besides being Big Brother legends, they had the best Diary Room sessions when they would get to go in together. So, when Julie Chen put a photo of herself on an imaginary phone in a beanie along with emojis about the city and being cold, the clues were obvious. It would be amazing if these two returned for another season.

Julie Sprinkles in Some ‘Big Brother’ Friendship

Would it really be a season of returners without the king of friendship? When she put on a fake beard, sunglasses, and Pablo the floatie it’s no question Julie Chen Moonves is paying homage to Paul Abrahamian. First featured on BB18, Paul was a fan-favorite for his catchphrase, “friendship”. He teamed up with Victor Arroyo and made it all the way to Final 2 where he lost to Nicole Franzel.

Then, he returned the next summer when Kevin Schlehuber took a cash prize and released him into the game as a result. Again, he dominated the game and pulled all of the strings, ending up in the F2 once more. But he lost again to Josh Martinez. So, there’s definitely a reason for Paul to return for another shot at first place.

Big Brother: Was it all a Halloween Trick?

Julie Chen’s timing lined up with the week of Halloween, so it’s quite possible she was just doing all of this for the holiday. On her Instagram, she announced she was dressing as different players for each day of Halloween week. But was she just tricking fans or is there something bigger at play? Last season, Julie punked fans when the first twitter promo had her wearing a jacket with an All-Stars patch and contained patches related to previous BB players. So, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet.

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