‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kato Kaelin Calls Out Keshia Knight Pullman – Joey Lawrence Clueless

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers are coming in hot with Kato Kaelin calling out Keshia Knight Pullman in an interview earlier this week. Also, Joey Lawrence has no idea what he is in for. Things are building up quickly as Julie Chen teases this year’s theme. In other news,

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Julie Chen Moonves Teases CBB Theme

Julie Chen posted a picture on Instagram hinting at the theme for this season of Celebrity Big Brother. Each season the BB house is redecorated to fit the chosen theme and competitions are usually based around it. In the photo, you can see a desk, a pen, and a registration book. What looks like a golden lamp or vase is also placed in view.

With everything that the post shows, we think Julie is checking the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests in for a luxury hotel stay. These people are used to living the high life and it seems like they will not have to leave that at the door. Unless you are a Have Not and are stuck eating slop!

According to Ms. Chen, more sneak peeks at the theme and a full reveal are going to happen periodically throughout the day, today. What do you think the theme is going to be?

Kato Kaelin Calls Out Keshia Knight Pullman

In an interview this week, Kato Kaelin took a crack at actress Keshia Pullman Knight. Keshia played Rudy Huxtable on the Cosby Show. She was also a houseguest on CBB US 1, who begged to be evicted the first week to go home and be with her daughter. Keisha happened to be breastfeeding her baby before she got into the Big Brother house.

The ‘original houseguest’ Kato Kaelin has watched the previous season. He even made a joke during his interview about a previous Celebrity Big Brother houseguest. He took a crack at Keshia when asked if he would ever self-evict. Kato said, “The good news is I’m not lactating, so…”

Joey Lawrence Going in Blind

Super relaxed and honesty-loving Joey Lawrence might be getting in over his head on Celebrity Big Brother. He has no idea what he signed up for as it seems CBS convinced him to be on the show in hopes of them opening a door for his career.

He basically did it because his daughter told him he could not win. Poor Joey does not know the Big Brother lingo, doesn’t seem to keen on a power alliance and might come off a little boring. Is it all an act? We will have to wait until January 21st to see!

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