‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kato Kaelin Offends Tamar Braxton – Says She Looks Like ‘Miss Cleo’

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Kato Kaelin made a comparison that did not go over well with Tamar Braxton. In a conversation with Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie, they told the singer/personality that Kato said she looked like Miss Cleo. Obviously not thrilled with the comparison, Tamar confronted him about it last night.

Celebrity Big Brother: Tamar Braxton Compared To Miss Cleo

After the huge blowup yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Lolo Jones has no more loyalty to Kato Kaelin. She told Tamar Braxton about a discussion she had with Kato back when he was HoH. Kato’s original nomination speech (which he did not give) compared Tamar to Miss Cleo. It included something along the lines of, “you look like Miss Cleo, so you should’ve seen it coming.”

Miss Cleo is a television personality known as the host of a psychic pay-per-call service called Psychic Reader’s Network. She would take calls from viewers and tell them their futures. Her signature look included a turban, an article of clothing that Tamar has also been wearing a lot this season.

Tamar was very offended by this and said Kato was lucky he did not say it in front of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants. She claimed she would have gotten up and “mollywhopped him.”

Tamar Braxton Confronts Kato Kaelin About Percieved  Racist Insult

Tamar Braxton is not usually one to keep her thoughts quiet. Besides not telling Celebrity Big Brother houseguests about her secret power, she has been very vocal during her time on CBB US 2. Kato Kaelin’s remark was not going to go unmentioned. She confronted him last night and told him that she is tired of his actions.

According to Tamar, he has been very derogatory towards her. She also said that she thinks he is a, “pompous, racist, sexist, asshole.” The singer told him he should be ashamed of his actions while on Big Brother and that they are unacceptable. She even said she was ashamed for him.

Kato apologized to her, but Tamar was not having it. She stormed off and they probably will not be making friendship bracelets anytime soon.

Will Tamar Braxton Target Kato Kaelin?

Signs point to yes. Tamar Braxton has been known to hold a grudge and the CBB house is a place where there is plenty of time to stew. If she wins HoH after tonight’s live eviction, Kato Kaelin might be packing his suitcase. His only hope would be if he or Tom Green win the power of veto, but Tamar could nominate both of them to prevent that from happening.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers show other option would be to backdoor him, which would most likely work in her favor because Kato is on the outs with most of the house, at the moment. The Tom and Kato power duo might be finished by the end of this next week. Who do you want to be the next HoH?

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