‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Kato Kaelin Wins HoH – 59-Year Old Won Endurance Comp

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Kato Kaelin won the latest HoH. Kato came out surprisingly victorious in a fan-favorite endurance competition. This was a shocking victory because Kato, at 59-years old is the oldest CBB houseguest. More amazing, he beat out an Olympic athlete – Lolo Jones. Ryan Lochte as outgoing HoH was not eligible to play.

During the comp, Tamar Braxton performed a comedic fall that spread across the Twitterverse overnight. Dina Lohan made her very own beer angel when she was unable to move.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Kato Kaelin Wins HoH

After Jonathan Bennett’s shocking eviction took place, the Celebrity Big Brother cast was sent out to the backyard for an endurance HoH competition. This HoH comp was the favorite wall comp, where the one who hangs on the longest wins. They got pelted with everything from jello shots to being sprayed with fire extinguishers.

The CBB US 2 cast lasted longer on the wall than the summer houseguests tend to do. The older houseguests surprised viewers and their fellow housemates by outlasting several of the younger players. Kato Kaelin, the oldest in the house, ultimately came out on top.

Kato Kaelin beat out Joey Lawrence, who complained the entire time, former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie and even Olympian Lolo Jones. Now, he holds most of the power and has to nominate two people for eviction.

Tamar Braxton Becomes CBB Meme

During the HoH, Tamar Braxton explained that she was terrified of heights and wanted to come down. Celebrity Big Brother spoilers leak she lasted about an hour before almost having a complete panic attack.

She even asked production to bring her a ladder. The others eventually convinced her to drop, but she held onto the handles with her feet dangling for several seconds screaming in absolute terror. The entire thing was so funny that Celebrity Big Brother fans were sharing the clip across Twitter all night.

Dina Lohan Creates Beer Angel

At 56, Dina Lohan was another older Celebrity Big Brother houseguest that lasted a good amount of time on the wall. She eventually dropped off and ended up in fifth place, a great feat for the woman.

Dina had apparently held on for so long that she was unable to move once she made hit the mat. Dina laid on the ground and made a CBB version of a snow angel. This one was created out of beer and plastic cups.

She eventually made it to the sidelines where she got up and wrapped herself in a towel. Tom attempted to help her, but Dina did not trust him to pull her up. Rumor has it that she needs new products from her hairdresser because her hair is tinged with green.

In the end, Kato Kaelin was the winner of the latest CBB Head of Household.

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