‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Is Lolo Jones a Sore Loser? – Threatens Ricky Williams – Insults Ryan Lochte?

Celebrity Big Brother news shows Lolo Jones‘ may be having a poor reaction to losing. Since the end of CBB season 2, Lolo has posted some insulting comments against some of the other castmates. Obviously coming in third place has opened up old wounds – i.e. the fact that she has yet to win an Olympic medal. Some might even call her a sore loser.

Celebrity Big Brother: Lolo Jones Bitter About Third Place

In a normal season of Big Brother being in the Final Three is considered a huge deal. Yet Lolo Jones did not feel the same way. After her initial shock of being evicted by Ricky Williams, she expressed a lot of bitterness toward the former NFL star.

Coming in third place on Celebrity Big Brother may have struck a chord with the Olympic athlete who has yet to win a medal of any kind. But is she taking out her frustrations on other celebrities like Ryan Lochte and Ricky Williams?


Lolo Jones Puts Ryan Lochte On Blast

Shortly after the show ended, Lolo Jones claimed she was robbed on Twitter. Some Celebrity Big Brother fans responded that they could not believe that Ryan Lochte finished the show acting like the more mature Olympian. Another said it was because Ryan wins medals and she does not. Lolo was not happy with these responses.

She quickly fired back some insults, dredging up some skeletons from Ryan’s past. Lolo tweeted that at least, “I don’t get escorted out of Olympic games,” or “lie about a whole country.”

Threatens Runner-up Ricky Williams?

Going after fellow Olympian Ryan Lochte was just the beginning. Next, Lolo Jones set her sights on Celebrity Big Brother Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams. She posted on Instagram a picture of herself swimming in a pool with a now-changed caption. Originally, it was her thoughts on the season.

In response to an internet troll, she responded that the picture is actually a joke itself. But a dark one and possibly an underlying threat. She said it was her swimming in Ricky’s pool after she drowned him. If we were Ricky, we would lock our doors from now on! BB fans have dubbed her “Loco Lolo”.

Celebrity Big Brother: Lolo Jones Still Dislikes Tom Green

Lolo Jones has not forgotten her unfavorable opinion when it comes to comedian Tom Green. When commenting on the drama between them, she believes that she is in the right and Tom is in the wrong. She constantly tells people to look back at the live feeds to see the ‘truth.’

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