‘Big Brother’ Julie Chen Husband Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations – Les Moonves Investigated By CBS

Big Brother host Julie Chen is dealing with problems outside the BB20 house today as her husband faces serious accusations. CBS head honcho, Les Moonves, is the latest entertainment mogul to face accusations of “sexual misconduct.” But do the accusations levied overlap with his relationship with the Big Brother host? Right now, BB20 is a hotbed of drama with more hate speech allegations – and now this!

Big Brother Host Married 14-Years

Leslie (Les) Moonves married Julie Chen back in 2004. He joined the CBS Network in 1995, where Chen was a network presenter before she became the host of Big Brother. Since then, they have been seen as a happy couple and share 10-year-old son Charlie Moonves. Julie Chen (aka The Chenbot as BB fans like to call her) stands by her man with a strong statement released this afternoon. Les Moonves is the President and CEO of CBS Corporation.

Les Moonves responded to the allegations made in The New Yorker by writer Ronan Farrow (son of Mia Farrow) saying, “There were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances”. But Moonves said he knows that “no means no”. According to the TV exec, he never tampered with anyone’s career because they rejected him. This contradicts the allegations levied by six women that worked in Moonves’ orbit.

Some of the accusations Chen’s husband faces stem from 20 years ago but there are more recent reports as well. The New Yorker broke the story and said Les Moonves engaged in “sexually harassing” six women who had professional dealings with him. The claims range from the 1980s and continue into the late 2000s. The latter years would overlap with his relationship with Julie Chen.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Span Decades

The news of these accusations emerged from The New Yorker. The magazine’s website said 68-year-old Moonves engaged in “unwanted kissing and touching” among other unsolicited advances. Other accusations include “forcible touching or kissing during business meetings.”

The article also reports that two women said Moonves “physically intimidated them or threatened to derail their careers.” As a result, all six women believe their careers did suffer after rejecting his advances. Julie Chen tweeted that she supports her husband and stands “behind him and his statement.”

CBS Weighs-In

The accusations in that article are not confirmed by CBS. But the New York Post reports the network did release a statement saying CBS is “investigating claims that violate the Company’s clear policies” on “personal misconduct”. Furthermore, the statement from CBS also said, “Upon the conclusion of that investigation… the Board will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action”

The network fired Charlie Rose last year. The veteran TV host was let go after eight women stepped up and accused him of “sexual harassment”. Whether Les Moonves faces that fate remains to be seen. And if Les is fired, the question is whether one woman’s career, in particular, is impacted – namely his wife Julie Chen.

Chen’s career affected?

Can Chen retain her plum hosting spots on The Talk and Big Brother if CBS ousts her husband Les Moonves? Chen and Moonves have been married 14-years. Most noteworthy, she was at CBS for several years before she met Moonves. The 48-year-old Chen started her career as a newsreader on The Early Show.

Moonves didn’t know Chen personally when he considered her to host Big Brother. Today both Moonves and Chen face a personal crisis with these allegations emerging. Chen is usually busy narrating all the hoopla going on in the Big Brother House. Now she’ll need to navigate through these latest allegations looming over their marriage.

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