‘Big Brother’: Fans Are Asking Is Julie Chen Pregnant?

Big Brother host Julie Chen is the latest victim of the fandom’s rumor mill as a result of her wardrobe. Fans are asking ‘Is Julie Chen pregnant?’ and it’s all because of the latest outfit she wore on the show. Her dress was a little roomy on her and it sent fans into a spiral.

Big Brother Update: Julie Chen Has One Son Already

Julie Chen and husband Leslie Moonves are parents to 9-year-old Charlie Moonves. Charlie was born on September 24, 2009 after Big Brother finished its 11th season. But Julie didn’t hide her pregnancy during that summer and revealed she was expecting before the season even started.

So, it would be weird for the host of the summer’s best reality show to keep another pregnancy under wraps. Maybe it’s because her and Les fear backlash after his scandal that ended his career with CBS. Whatever the case it’s not likely that she’s pregnant but that didn’t stop fans from talking about the possibilities on social media.

Premiere Night Dress Causes Pregnancy Rumors

When Julie Chen stepped into frame during last night’s Big Brother 21 premiere Twitter exploded. While some of it was just the usual BB fanfare, others were talking about Julie’s dress. No, it doesn’t look different colors to different people. The dress itself was pretty, a light pink lacy piece that went well with the host’s skin-tone.

It was the way it fit that had some fans asking ‘is Julie pregnant?’ With a slightly loose fit fabric and shape it had a boxy look that could give off pregnancy vibes. And Julie always has a glow about her so there’s no telling from that. Yet, is she expecting another child?

Big Brother: Julie Chen Wearing Baggier Clothes

Julie Chen’s dress on premiere night wasn’t the first time fans questioned whether or not the Big Brother host was pregnant. Her outfit during the BB21 house tour where she revealed the theme of the summer was also baggy. So, it could have been hiding a baby bump underneath. Only time – or Julie herself – will tell whether or she’s expecting another child. Keep watching Big Brother regardless for all the drama, game playing and possibly a baby!

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