‘Big Brother’: Will BB21 Be The Last Season For Julie Chen?

Big Brother host Julie Chen could potentially be heading into her last season of the long-time reality show. Her contract is up after this summer and her return is still up in the air. Because of her husband Les Moonves‘ sexual assault allegations and his resignation in 2018, her relationship with CBS appears strained. Which could mean that this will be the last time she returns to host. We cannot imagine Big Brother without the fabulous Julie Chen.

Big Brother: Julie Chen’s 21 Season as the Show’s Host

With 21 seasons of Big Brother hosting under her belt, there is not anyone else who has the experience necessary to handle the show. Julie Chen is back on Tuesday, June 25 for a special two-night Big Brother premiere that continues into Wednesday, June 26.

The casting has been kept under wraps, but will likely be revealed in the next week. Although some are speculating that it will be an all stars season with plenty of familiar Big Brother faces. While others think it could possibly be split in half with 8 veterans and 8 newbies.

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Could This Be Her Final Season As Host?

Julie Chen’s Big Brother contract is up at the end of this season and its renewal has yet to be addressed. This means it could be her final summer stepping onto the television screen in front of the show’s dedicated fans. Julie herself has said many times how much love she has for the franchise.

Love that the Big Brother fanbase gives back to her, especially on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Who else would give us great hashtags like “but first” and “expect the unexpected.” But, will the allegations against Les Moonves and his resignation from CBS sway her to go another direction?

Big Brother: Les Moonves Drama Sways Julie Chen Decision?

Both CBS and Julie Chen could potentially base their decisions about her contract on the Les Moonves allegations. CBS might be upset about Julie adding his last name to her usual Big Brother sign off. That might have been an unplanned move that she didn’t run by them.

On the other hand, Julie could also take things further siding with her husband and not sign a renewal. It’s possible that she just wants to put everything behind her. Watch Julie on June 25 when Big Brother 21 premieres.

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