‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen Reveals All-Star Houseguests with Easter Eggs Hidden in BB Promo

Big Brother teases an all-star season with an Instagram promo featuring Julie Chen. CBS released a BB season 21 promotional image of host Julie Chen on a skateboard and the entire picture seems filled with Easter eggs about possible former Big Brother players that could return.

In the image, Julie Chen is wearing a black leather jacket with many patches. One patch says “All-Stars”. From the patches on her jacket, to the skateboard she’s riding with a flamingo, there are plenty of clues. But which veteran BB players might be coming back for Big Brother All-Stars?

Big Brother: Julie Chen - Easter Eggs

Big Brother All Stars: Skateboard Hints at Jace Agolli and Hayden Voss

You might remember Jace Agolli from Big Brother 17 or you might not. It’s probably because he was back-doored the first week. But he was an avid skateboarder from Venice, CA that others considered a competition threat. And if the skateboard Julie Chen is balancing on is anything to do with an all-star season, we might just see him once again.

On the other hand, another bro who was into skateboarding was Hayden Voss. He was on BB16 and had a showmance with Nicole Franzel and even dated outside of the house. Nicole is now engaged to fellow BB alum Victor Arroyo, but fans would love to see some more Hayden in the house. His mellow personality could do some good for the normally tense atmosphere.

Could Former Navy Officer Megan Lowder Try Once More?

Another patch on Julie Chen’s jacket is an anchor with something wrapped around it. Which may have something to do with the Navy because part of their symbol is an anchor. That leads to the conclusion that Megan Lowder might give the whole Big Brother thing another shot.

Megan was on season 19 and unfortunately had to self-evict for mental health issues she explained was PTSD that made it impossible for her to continue playing. So, she could be coming back to redeem herself and prove to BB fans and cast mates that she was not a flop.

BB21: Third Times the Charm for Paul Abrahamian?

If Julie Chen’s leather jacket itself is not enough to make you think Paul Abrahamian, then the skull and crossbones patch is a dead giveaway. Paul has played the Big Brother game twice on BB18 and BB19 and came in second both times. That has to be extremely disappointing for the bearded musician/clothing designer.


Yet, Paul might have some trouble if the jacket is actually an Easter egg hinting at his return. Everyone knows how good of a manipulator he is, so it should be a lot more difficult for him to pull off something similar again.

Big Brother: Paul Abrahamian (All Stars)

Frankie Grande AKA The Flamingo

The bright pink flamingo on Julie Chen’s skateboard could only mean Frankie Grande himself. We all know Frankie as being the older brother of superstar Ariana Grande, but he has made a name for himself in the Big Brother world. Not only was he on BB16, but Frankie also did a stint on the UK version of the franchise.

But what connects him to a tacky yard ornament? His superhero alter ego was appropriately named the Flamingo because of his bright personality and his tuff of pink hair. And his super power was glitter bombs! He was actually part of several alumni that were asked to return for a special Big Brother: The Revengers short film.

Big Brother All Stars: Fisherman to Catch a Big Fish

Julie Chen’s jacket also has what looks to be a fishing lure. That means someone with a fishing hobby could get another shot at catching that $500,000 grand prize. There are two fisher hobbyists that come immediately to mind. Glenn Garcia and Steve Arienta.

Both admitted that that they enjoyed catching fish. During BB18, Glenn was the first evicted. He came in last during an elimination competition. Yet, Steve was the first one on BB20 to be evicted by a vote by the rest of the house. The two would probably make an awesome duo on the same season. To see who actually enters the Big Brother house, tune in on June 25 at 8 for the season premiere.

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