‘Big Brother’: Julie Chen Returns to Host ‘BB22’ – Celebrity Big Brother Canceled?

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves is officially signed on to host the 22nd season of the summer hit reality show. CBS announced the news on Thursday that Julie Chen, the face of the franchise, will be back in 2020. However, the show’s celebrity edition of BB has yet to be renewed. Some think they’re putting CBB on pause for an All Stars or OTT season. Will Celebrity Big Brother return this winter or will it be it canceled?

Big Brother: Julie Chen Is Back For Season 22

Julie Chen has been hosting the US version of Big Brother since the very beginning and will at least be back for another summer. After she took her husband Les Moonves’ side in the 2018 scandal, some BB fans were sure it would be the end of her time with CBS. Especially because she left her co-host position on The Talk, also owned by CBS.

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Franchise Survived Terrible ‘BB21’ Opinions

For many viewers, BB21 has been kind of a disappointment. It felt like the Big Brother casting, Julie Chen and production crew put way less than 100% into the latest installment of the show. The “exciting new twists” left much to be desired while the mantra “expect the unexpected” has become a joke to many fans

Big Brother: No Word Yet On Renewal Of ‘CBBUS’ – Possible All-Star Season?

It’s starting to look like there won’t be a Celebrity Big Brother this winter. CBS has yet to greenlight a third season for the US version of the celebrity themed show. But, the network hasn’t canceled it either. So, some fans theorize that might mean the return of the coveted Big Brother All-Stars with Julie Chen. Or, possibly even another season of the CBS All-Access Over The Top series. Hopefully, they won’t make us wait until the summer for everyone’s favorite social experiment.

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